September Wedding Update

I may be MIA lately but I've been hard at work! I'm still trying to figure out how to balance a full time job, a blog, a wedding, working out and having a social life. So please bear with me and enjoy this wedding update... 

Venue: So this was/has been/still is the biggest stress of all. We're not doing the traditional wedding venue in the sense you're all thinking, but instead doing something small and intimate on the island. It has kind of been a bumpy road and the long (long) story very short is we looked at a house when we were there in May that we liked but it was too expensive. Then we found a great house in Sconset but they wouldn't let us have a party. Then we moved to this amazing three house estate in Tom Nevers on the ocean and had a contract and deposit in hand and ready to go but the owner ghosted us (still haven't heard back to this day). 

So we went back to the original house (that was too expensive because we had to do a Saturday to Saturday rental) and asked if we could change the dates. He said yes, we sighed a big sigh of relief and have a contract ready to go. Even better news is this house is awesome. It has a covered patio (which is great because we're not getting a tent), has a cottage so Andrew and the boys can get ready over there AND -- best of all -- it's cheaper than the other two places! So it all worked out but not without some major stress. 

Reception Dinner: When we were in Nantucket a few weekends ago, we met with the owners of the restaurant where we'll have our "reception." I say that because it won't be the night of the wedding but two days later after the rest of our guests arrive. So that is officially booked and the deposit is in! The owners were so easy going and down to let us do whatever we want, so I'm really looking forward to planning that!

Custom Wedding Print: Our order is IN with Riley! I've been such a big fan of her work for so long I couldn't wait to get the OK from Andrew to put in a request for a custom print. This is definitely one of the more "extra" things I'm doing but I have really fun plans for the print (more to come!!) and I love that it will be us.

Save the Date Design: We've gotten the first rough sketch back on our watercolor map from Emily of Feathered Heart Prints and it looks so good! We had to change a few things around on her after our weekend there but I'm pretty confident that we're locked in on most things now so there will be no more major changes for her. 

Registry: We have completed our registry! We're only registering on Zola because I think it was the easiest to use, has some pretty cool features and I like that you can have everything in one place. I also appreciate their privacy settings and backend tools for the registry. 

Wedding Website: While we're not creating a full website (because who needs another one of these?) we are creating a page of information and that is complete! Andrew just needs to make a few tweaks here and there, but for now that is complete! 

Wedding Crest: This was kind of all over the place. I had a designer that was going to make it and she showed us two options that we loved. But then the choices for the monogram in the middle were just kind of meh and (this was what I was upset about) she kept asking me for new ideas. I was hoping for her to come up with ideas of how to make it look good but I felt like it was just Photoshop text and no real design.

So I took a stab at it on my own and spent a full weekend editing and redrawing and recoloring until I found something I really liked. I liked it so much that my eyes kind of went cross and I had to stop looking at it hahah. And now I worry that I kind of hate it ... or at least the colors. So we're TBD on it being final but we're 98% there!

And I think that is everything! Whew! Up next is dress shopping. I will be in Atlanta this weekend to shop with my mom and sister. Very nervous but am excited to finally try some things on.

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