Weekend Update: July 27

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week and is looking forward to a fun weekend ahead. Just have to get through work, lunch and packing and then I'm off to my favorite place!

Shopping: I really haven't been shopping this week. Money is kind of tight currently as I wait on a few blog commission checks to come through (the not exciting side of blogging) and with all of these sales. It's crazy pants! I have like sale fatigue and I just don't want to shop this week.

Reading: I have not been reading but I am looking for new recommendations for good summer books that you guys have been loving!

Weekend Plans: I am off to Nantucket tomorrow with Popsugar for an influencer house. Excited to be back but sad I won't be on the island with Andrew :/ It will be the first time I'm there and I'm not with him! I also don't know any of the people going so that also makes me kind of anxious... but it should be fun. If I can somehow get back there in August, I will have been there every month from May to September this year!

NYC Life: The weather has been soooo bad this week it sucks. It's been like rainy but not actually raining so it's just that really sticky humid feeling. Bleh! Outside of that, it's been a good week with nothing too major to report... I'm seeing Sarah today for lunch which I am excited about and getting two major pimples popped on my chin -- they came up like craters out of no where and they HURT.  

Most Popular Item This Week: My favorite most comfortable shoe!

A Must Watch: The Challenge is back!!! Guys, this is one of my very favorite shows and I have legit been watching it since it was Road Rules vs Real World lol. So far I'm liking this season and the way voting is set up -- I'm eager to see how it all plays out.

Favorite Finds:
--I swear by my spanx leggings and these are on sale
--In love with this maxi wrap dress (but not the price)
--....Which would be super cute if paired with these earrings 

Amazon Purchases of the Week:
-Natural hand braided palcemats -- which are dupes to the pottery barn ones for a fraction of the price!
-A new retinol serum for the nighttime 
-No-show socks for Andrew
-Boot rescue cleaning cloths (that I hope work!)
-"Body Love" which relates to my cutting out of sugar for the past 2+ weeks!

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