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blue polo dress outfit featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases

Get ready to have all (well, most!) of your questions answered in todays post! I kept out the wedding and ring related questions since I will have a separate post covering all of that coming soon!


blue polo dress outfit featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases
blue polo dress outfit featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases
blue polo dress outfit featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases
blue polo dress outfit featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases
blue polo dress outfit featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases
blue polo dress outfit featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases
blue polo dress outfit featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases
blue polo dress outfit featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases
blue polo dress outfit featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases
blue polo dress outfit featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases
blue polo dress outfit featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases


Vineyard Vines: Gingham Printed Sleeveless Sport Polo Dress (wearing a size Small) / J. Crew Factory: Block Heel Sandals / Celine: Nano Luggage / Ray-Ban: Wayfarer Sunglasses BaubleBar: Mini Monogam Necklace Cartier: Tank Francaise Watch Tiffany: Pearl Bracelet DiamondNexus: Tennis Bracelet c/o / David Yurman: Pearl Earrings 

BBG/Working Out:
Did You Notice Changes With BBG?
Yes! You can see my before and after HERE
How To Start BBG After 6 Weeks Off?
Just do it! Start slow and just get back into it. 
Are You Still Doing BBG?
Not currently! I need to get back into it but summer is SO busy for Andrew and I.
Did You Change Your Diet With BBG?
Nope, you can read more about that HERE.

Best Pieces To Splurge vs Save On?
I like to spend money on bras and jewelry and save on tops and dresses! 
What Is Your Staple Wallet?
I actually don't carry a wallet -- only this Louis Vuitton "key pouch" that attaches to my keys and holds all my cards. 
Wondering If You Have Cute/Comfy Shoe Recs.
I think I've found the most comfortable shoe ever... and they are at J. Crew factory! A friend turned me on to them and I've turned them on to others and everyone has talked about how much we love them.

What Is Your Monthly Budget For Clothing?
I don't currently have one but I will never spend more than I have!
Favorite Quilted Jacket?
I love my Barbour (on sale!) and my Burberry.
What Are Your Top 3 Places To Shop?
Nordstrom, Amazon and Tuckernuck.
Favorite Bras That Aren't Expensive?
It depends what you consider expensive but I believe everyone should pay for a good bra. I love Wacoal and Natori -- they are the only bras I wear. 
How Many Pairs Of Shoes Do You Own?
More than I need! I would probably say over 100?
How Often Do You Purge Your Closet?
Really often actually! I would say every 2 or 3 months. Should I do one soon??
Tips For Taking Advantage Of A Small Closet?
Build up! A lot of people don't take advantage of the space above the hanging racks. I use that for storage, sweaters, out of season items, luggage... so much stuff!
Tips For Determining Your Style?
Just wear what makes you feel good. I think that is the most important thing.

Unlimited Budget: If You Could Wear One Brand For The Rest Of Your Life What Would It Be?
Ralph Lauren 
Next Designer Bag Purchase?
I have no plans to buy anything else but if I had to I would love another Chanel bag.
NeuLASH Vs RevitaLash -- What Is Better?
I just starting using Revitalash so I can't say but you can see my neuLASH review HERE.
Favorite Shampoo + Conditioner?
I don't use conditioner but I love Dove shampoo.
Favorite Skincare Product?
My SPF moisturizer!
What Is Your Go To Mani Color? Dip Or Gel?
I love dip and gel and don't have a preference outside of what is just quicker when I'm there. And for color really any color of red!
Favorite Day Time Moisturizer?
I've only used THIS for the past two years.
Favorite Eyeshadow? 
Charlotte Tilbury "eyes to mesmerise cream eyeshadow" in Jean
How Does Your Hair Grow So Fast?
I think I take pretty good care of it! You can read about my process HERE
Have You Tried Your Microneedeling Tool Yet?
I haven't but I am excited to try!! (it's also on sale)
Any Advice For Newbies Starting Out Blogging?
You can read my tips for starting a blog HERE and HERE (part 2).
Whats The Best And Worst Part About Blogging?
Best part is the brands I've been able to connect with and worst is not knowing what you're going to make month to month.
How Did You Get Started As A Fashion Blogger?
I started in college when I worked at a local boutique in Lexington -- I was posting to Instagram at the time and decided to make it into a blog!
What iPhone Model Do You Use For Blog Photos?
I don't use my iPhone to shoot -- I use a Sony A7rii
What Website Did You Use To Create Your Blog?
I operate on blogger!
How Do You Edit Your Photos?
I edit all of my photos in lightroom.

What Is The Best Part/Favorite Things About Living In NYC?
There are so many things honestly! I love being in a big city and looking out my apartment at the Empire State Building.
How Do You Like Living In Hudson Yards?
I like it because of how quiet and close to the water it is and the unobstructed views of the city. But it's really far away from anything and it can be tough sometimes!
Do You Think You Will Stay In NYC Forever Or Go Back To KY/Somewhere Else?
I don't have any plans on moving so I think I'll be here for a while.
Are You Going To Stay In NYC After You're Married?
Advice For Apartment Hunting In NYC?
You can read my post about it HERE!

Where Do You Go Grocery Shopping In NYC?
Anywhere that has the food we need lol. The closest store to us is Food Emporium.
Whats Your Favorite Neighborhood?
I really love (and missing living in) Chelsea.
Most Surprising Thing About Living In NYC?
How much I love it here and how quickly I've turned into a New Yorker lol.

Favorite Spots In NYC And Hidden Gems?
I love Chelsea and the Village for spots. As for hidden gems there is an Italian place in midtown called Mercato and YN which is a wine bar in the East Village.

Will You Do An Apartment Tour?
That is one of my goals for this year!

Why Did You Decide To Live Alone In NYC vs Living With A Roommate?
I was able to live alone so I decided to take advantage of that!
How Did You Apartment Hunt Alone?
I used street easy which makes the process really easy. You can see my tips for finding a place HERE.
Favorite Resturant In NYC?
Cookshop (10th Ave and 20th St)
Best First Place To Live In The City?
Wherever is closest to work!
If You Werent Living In NYC Where Would You Be?
Probably Westchester or Connecticut.

How Long Have You and Andrew Been Dating?
We're coming up on 5 years.
What Is Your Fav Beer At Andrews Brewery?
Whichever one tastes the least like beer lol. I'm horrible!
How Did You Meet Andrew?
We met through work.

When Did I Know Andrew Was The One?
I don't know if there was just one moment but a series of moments where one day I kind of looked over at him and knew he was the one for me.
Whats Your Idea Of A Fun Date Night?
Riding our bikes downtown, playing cards in the park by the water, catching a movie and eating Shake Shack. 
Update On The Belt?
I am almost done! I want to have a blog post about that for you guys soon.
How Did You Know When You And Andrew Were Ready To Get Married?
I think when we both got stable with work and in our relationship we kind of just talked openly about our future and our goals and took a look (and talked a lot) about how that would look if we were together. I would say it was a pretty natural progression.
What Is The Key To A Healthy Relationship?
Having full trust in one another, great communication and laughing a lot.
How Did You Get Started At Your Job?
It's kind of a crazy story but I wrote about it HERE!

What Is Your Go To Bag For Work?
I really only carry my LV Neverfull GM -- it holds everythingggg 
What Is The Greatest Lesson Professional You Learned From Your Job?
Communication is key. Face to face communication solves a lot of problems too!
How Do You Manage A Full Time Job And Blog?
I work really hard... My days are spent working at work and my nights are spent on the couch working on the blog.
Have You Met Any Baseball Players Through Work?
I have! It doesn't happen often but over the past 5 years you run into some people.
What Career Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Is About To Graduate College?
Lean on family and friends for real world connections of people who work where you want to work. Take them to lunch, talk to them, get a feel for what they do, how they like their job, etc.
One Piece Of Advice You Would Give To Your College Self?
Listen more in class. I feel like -- especially in communication classes -- a lot of what was taught I could have really applied to my current life!
What Did You Study In College?
Business Communications
What Is You Current Job With MLB?
I'm a Manager in our Social Sponsorship group.
Best Experience A College Student Could Have To Get Into The Sports Field?
Get an internship or some kind of job related to sports. Working with your college athletics or local teams would be best -- those stand out to me the most!

If You Could Choose Any Job In The World What Would It Be?
Probably something that pays me to just talk to people all day and help them feel good.
Perks Of Working In Sports?
It's a really great community of people!
Tips For Getting A Job At MLB?
Network and make good and solid foundations of friendships -- the sports world is hard to break into but it is a pretty tight circle of people who all seem to have each others backs. Recommendations can get you far in life!


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