How He Proposed: Our Engagement Story

Really happy Andrew was able to share his side of the story first because I think it made it much more fun! I mean really all I did was show up and cry with little to zero planning on my end. So if you haven't read that yet, make sure to read his side first HERE.

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I know I've shared a little bit about it on IG stories and on the blog, but Andrew and I actually started the ring process in January of this year (that post will actually be coming next week lol). We've been talking about getting engaged -- seriously -- for about a year now. We talked about our wants and plans for the future and it was actually in Turks and Caicos (our trip this past December) that we decided 2018 would be a good year to get engaged.

See everyone keeps asking "did you know it was coming?" "how was it a surprise?" and guys... I was looking over my shoulder every time we went away since April! lol. We went to Nantucket twice between April and July and I was convinced with everything inside of me that it would be then. And the trips came and went with no engagement and I was soooo confused.

By the time July at my parents came around I was exhausted. Every chance I could, I would think "oh, is this it??" and be sad when it wasn't. So when we got to Chicago (the weekend after Nantucket) I told myself to stop thinking about it and just let it be. Don't read into things, don't have expectations.. just be. So I did.

Over the week we were there, there were little red flags that would go off in my mind screaming "this is it!!" but I kept surprising and making an excuse for them to not get any hopes up. So let me walk you through the week...

July 3 -- we got into Chicago just in time for fireworks and to see the family. When all the girls were together we talked about getting our nails done -- the first red flag that I then suppressed because we always get our nails done when we're home. It's what we do!

July 4 -- Andrew and my BIL go to play golf, the girls baby sit and hang around the house. Nothing suspect!

July 5 -- The plan was to get nails done in the morning and then later in the afternoon Andrew and I would shoot (since he's golfing the next day too). On our way out of the neighborhood my cousins were asking about taking photos and suggested taking photos on a bridge near the club house or on this bench overlooking the lake. Kind of random but not totally out of the realm of normal things to talk about.

But it was a red flag. I thought 'well I don't want to get proposed to on this bridge' and then proceeded to tell them all about the beautiful hydrangea bushes in my moms backyard and how they are my favorite place to shoot. Juuuuussstttt in case they needed that information for any reason.

On our way out we almost made a pit stop for tampons at Target and it got me thinking -- oh shit when is my next day? (it always happens at home) I checked my app and I was three days out so I was good. Or so I thought... The moment I got home I started having these horrible cramps that I associated with just eating so poorly the past few days. When I sat down, started getting really cranky out of no where and it hit me: I just got my period.

So we ended up going to Target and in the span of an hour I turn from wonderful nice Krista to the devil herself. I have never in my life had as worse cramps as I did on that day. It ruined everything, I was being so mean to everyone (lol I am sorry!) and when we got back we were all sitting around and Andrew asked when photos were.

The LAST thing I wanted to do was take photos. I was in pain, I was cranky and I didn't want to shower, get my outfits ready and put on a full face of makeup. Andrew kind of pushed for it more than he normally does saying that today was our only day, my family was saying that they wanted to watch and I *think* my mom said just shoot one and be done -- but like who's going to get ready for just 1 photo shoot?

That was my second red flag. Everyone was being just a little too pushy/encouraging and I was in such a bad mood I just said no and went to take a nap. Even Andrew (God bless his soul) came over to see if I was ok and I told him he was talking to loudly and to leave me alone. LOL guys, how did I get so lucky?? I felt so bad after the fact.

I slept for 3 hours and officially slept off my demon with the help of some extra strength tylenol. I thought about shooting but still didn't want to really since it looked like it wanted to rain outside. I talked with Andrew (apologized for being snippy) and we made a plan for Friday: we would shoot in the morning so he would could this tee time at 4pm.

It wasn't until later that night, before bed, that he mentioned that he had to move his time up and we would shoot after golf (instead of before) and that was my next red flag... I've never known Andrew to change his tee time for golf. But he came up with a pretty legit excuse so I bought it!

July 6 -- I spend the morning working remotely in my moms kitchen and a after lunch I took a shower and slowly got ready while checking emails here and there. I actually started to film a makeup tutorial for IGTV but I got too distracted by emails that I couldn't do it.

It was nice because I really had all the time in the world to get ready for blog photos. My mom and my sister came up to watch me do my makeup and hair and we were just chatting away waiting for Andrew to get back. I don't get how long it takes to play golf -- but it was around 1pm and he still wasn't back. I didn't care but I was ready to shoot long before he came home.

He finally came back and took a shower. On my way downstairs to meet him, my dad was leaving for a concert and told me how sad he was to be leaving. My dad loves concerts and sees them all the time but I think it was the first time he said he was sad to go. It was another red flag. My mom also had to run next door to talk to our neighbor and it was another hmmm moment.

But I still didn't let it get to my head! I went out front to shoot my first look (which you can see HERE) and as we walked out I noticed Andrew wasn't in his normal t-shirt and gym short look for when we shoot. I mentioned he was awful dressed up and gave him a little side eye. I felt like it was really maybe going to happen.

So for the second look I decided 'well, if this IS it, I might as well put on my favorite dress' and walked to the backyard.

What is so crazy is that even though all signs pointed to THIS IS IT, I still kind of blacked out for it and was totally surprised when it happened. I can't explain it.

So we get to the backyard, we're taking test shots for the lighting and Andrew puts me in the weirdest light spot ever and as I was walking over to tell him, I see out of the corner of my eye a guy in the bushes lol. Once again, I'm kind of blacking out here so I think much of it and look through the camera viewfinder to see how the photos we just snapped look.

When I brought the camera down from my face, I saw Andrew holding our ring in his hand and he asked me to marry him. I immediately started crying and put my hands to my face and he nicely reminded me that I needed to give him a verbal yes or no. I of course said yes and we hugged and celebrated with my family and the photographer who was snapping away in the bushes!

Looking back at the week there was nothing more "us" than how this proposal played out. Andrew made it such a magical time and having my family near by really meant the world to me. I don't know how he did it, but he managed to have my hair and nails done, makeup on, wearing a great dress, my family near by AND a photographer! I mean it's a girls dream -- and not an easy feat for me!

I could have not asked for a better story for our life together and there is no one that makes me as happy as Andrew does.

SOO if you're still here (there is A LOT above sorry) that is our story from my side. Hopefully it helps bring this whole thing full circle!

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