Weekend Update: May 4

Happy Friday and official start to my weekend! Excited about the weekend ahead after the past two weeks I've had off the blog. Read more below and you can shop my look (above) here.

-I bought myself two birthday presents -- one of which is on my IG stories today if you want to check it out. 
-New Lilly Pulitzer pullover for Nantucket this weekend
-A smocked gingham top that is SO cute on

Reading: I just started The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine!

NYC Life: Not going to lie this was a really rough week (or couple of weeks) for me. I didn't really share much on here as I didn't feel it was appropriate but we had a loss in my boyfriends family last week and a risk of another this week. On top of that my mom had surgery on Tuesday, I wasn't able to travel to a friends wedding in Lexington and work kind of kicked my butt. It was just a lot all at once and I felt really sad and defeated and it was like "when it rains it pours" kind of week. BUT I am feeling better, I surrounded myself with people who love and care for me and I plan on truly disconnecting this weekend.

Weekend Plans: Andrew and I are off to Nantucket as I write this. Really excited to be back in my favorite place. The weather should be sunny and 60 so I'm jus hoping for an easy and relaxing weekend. Sad to be missing the Derby this year but this is a pretty great reason not to be there! Oh, and it's my birthday on Sunday!

Most Popular Item This Week: For the second week in a row this embroidered dress!

Favorite Finds:
-Scalloped cami perfect for layering

Song of the Week: "Lost in Japan" by Shawn Mendes

A Must Read: So behind but I loved seeing Grace's apartment (I'm obsessed) featured on the Coveteur!

Amazon Purchases of the Week: 
-I bought Andrew some new shoes for all the weddings we have coming up!
-A pair of gingham loafers that will either be really cute or too much

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