Weekend Update: April 13

Happy Friday friends!! Hope everyone had a great week, mine has BUSY and I'm so excited for the weekend. 

Shopping (I'm back baby!):
-The CUTEST white eyelet shirtdress (on major sale)
-Cotton eyelet v neck dress (in white, but also comes in navy -- SWOON)

NYC Life: We had our first work softball game last night in central park (and won) but outside of that there has been LITTLE going on in my life outside of work. This week I was all over the place and so busy but next week I have a LOT on the agenda after work so I'm taking my time where I can. 

Weekend Plans: Andrew is in Vegas this weekend AND it's going to be 75 and sunny so it's going to be the Krista of all Krista weekends lol. I hope to list a LOT of clothing this weekend and really clean out this apartment. Spring cleaning like woah! It's been a crazy busy week and next week will be the same so hopefully I can just spend time relaxing and cleaning. 

Most Popular Item This Week: This embroidered dress FOR SURE!

Favorite Finds:
-My favorite gingham dress is on sale for 50% off!
-A ruffle stripped one piece that you need for summer
-My obsession with shirt dresses continues 

Song of the Week: Have you guys listened to Cardi B's new album?? I love it -- she's so talented!

A Must Watch: I'm so excited Casey Neistat is back on YouTube (everyday) -- and currently loving his new 368 shows and company. It's always fun to watch him on a daily basis!

Amazon Purchases of the Week:
-Bit the bullet on this slip sleep mask
-I was able to snag this Theory sweater when it was on sale and I'm SO happy
-I'm testing out if I want to save up for a tennis bracelet by wearing this similar one and I'm in love. I need the real thing now lol

Fitness Update: Bad week for me guys. I'm unmotivated, annoyed and "over it" this past week. I'm tired of doing the same thing and I'm mad at myself for not working out. It's a viscous cycle tbh. 

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