My Favorite After Workout (or Dinner) Smoothie

After sharing my daily smoothies with you guys I thought I would write it down for everyone to see and try on their own!


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Last year for my birthday my sister got me the Ninja blender and I love it! It's really safe and the easiest thing to use! You just pour your items into the blender, blend it and enjoy. Andrew and I really love it for when we want a snack per say. We love it right after workout or even after dinner (since we eat a early).

Now I'll state this that I have NO idea if this is a healthy smoothie or if it's protein packed and perfect for after your workout. We just really take any excuse to drink it and have been trying a ton of different variations of smoothies to figure out what we like.

The great thing about smoothies is that they are kind of full proof. You can really just throw whatever you like in there and it just seems to work. You just need to make sure to have a liquid, something frozen (literal ice or frozen food) and something in between (like PB or yogurt).

When I started making smoothies I used to add pineapple juice instead of apple cider and sometimes we use activia over greek yogurt. It's really just your preference! It wasn't until recent that I started adding in collagen peptide powder (I use these little individual packs) -- its really easy to just throw in and it tastes no different with or without. I loved Sydneys review on them if you're looking to learn a little more!

So here is my recipe for my favorite PB&J smoothie! I don't really go off of measurements but I did my best to add it in below of how much I use

-Peanut Butter (large spoonful)
-Greek Yogurt (medium spoonful)
-Apple Cider (for like ~3 seconds)
-Dry Oats (handful)
-Collagen Peptides (one stick)
-Frozen strawberries (handful)
-Ninja Blender (blend until thin)

And now I need to hear YOUR favorite smoothie recipes. I'm so bad at getting stuck in my ways I need to try other things. So pleaseeeeee if you have one (or ten) you love please let me know below in the comments. Would also be so fun to have a little community below so other readers can try out new recipes as well!

PS you can get details for my dining room set up HERE.


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