My 5 Skincare Must Haves (all under $30)

Wanted to share some products that have changed my skin this past year. Not only are they great but they are AFFORDABLE so there's no excuse to not try them out!


J. Crew Factory: Studio T-Shirt (only $17) / Monrow: Supersoft Vintage Star Sweatpants (more affordable option HERE) / Vince: Blair Slip on Sneakers / David Yurman: Pearl Earrings / BaubleBar: Mini Monogam Necklace / Apple: Apple Watch (review) / Sarah Chloe: Monogram Pinky Signet Ring

1. SPF -- I don't know how I can stress this enough but you NEED to wear SPF on your face and neck every single day. Even when it's cloudy, even if you're only out for a second, even when its cold. It's so so so important -- I mean you never hear advice from someone older saying they wish they wore less sunscreen.

It's the easiest way to prevent wrinkles and so simple to incorporate into your skincare routine. I use THIS SPF + moisturizer and have for over a year now. I originally bought it because it's what my facialist recommends and have since repurchased it 4 times. It's so affordable (only $22), a great moisturizer AND it has 32 SPF. I use it everyday as part of my current skincare routine (which you can see HERE).

2. Vaseline -- I shared this on Instagram stories this past weekend and you guys were loving it so I thought I'd share it here. So get ready to have your mind blown: vaseline is GREAT for your dry face. Winter always kills my skin -- like SO. DRY. -- and I keep wanting to try some hydrating moisturizer but before I buy anything I text Bonnie (who does my facials) and ask her if they'll break me out. Her answer is just about always "yes." BTW just about every hydrating moisturizer will clog your pores.

So whats the fix? Vaseline (petroleum jelly) -- who knew! You would think that it would clog your pores the most out of anything but I've used it for months and it never has. This will be the cheapest and best way to fix your dry skin! I only use it at night in place of my moisturizer and I wake up in the am feeling hydrated and refreshed and I swear it will change your skin. I had a handful of people who tried it this weekend and all came back with rave reviews.

3. Ice -- Fun fact: you're supposed to ice your face everyday. I'm pretty bad about doing it everyday but I really stick to it when I breakout. If you have a pimple starting to come in, already there or just overall redness -- try icing it. 5 seconds on, 5 seconds off for 5-10 minutes. Every time I get a facial, I ice my face and it truly does help reduce the redness of my spots.

Right now I switch between general ice packs and a full iced mask (which I don't really like so I don't want to link it) but I did just order THIS ice roller that should make things easier. For only $11 I think it's a steal! I already use a jade roller so I think this form of it will make it a lot easier to keep up with.

4. Water -- This one is kind of boring but staying hydrated really helps your skin. People always say 'drink a lot of water!' but not a lot of people listen. I've made an active choice to drink more water this year and I just picked up THIS water bottle that helps you track your water intake hourly.

5. Tula Cleanser -- I am convinced THIS has changed my skin the most over the past year and now I actually will not wash my face with anything else. It also helps that it's one of the only products I've found that I'm clear to use from Bonnie. It's worth all the hype you see from myself and other bloggers. If you don't want to commit to the bigger bottle, they do offer a travel size for half the price!


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