Weekend Update: July 14

Happy Friday! My days are SO off I thought today was Sunday and then thought it was Thursday and now I'm starting to figure out it's Friday and that's why this post is going up later than normal. Either way hope you all had a great week!

My favorite coat (but in black this time!)


NYC Life: This past week was our All-Star week so it was alllllll about that until Wednesday when I left for Chicago (also my All-Star break after lol) but not before getting stuck at JFK for 10 hours due to weather. I guess people in NYC had to deal with it yesterday but man was it rough. Not a good travel day!

Weekend Plans: Going off of that, I am home for the extended weekend hanging out with my mom. I absolutely love being home and as part of my goals for this year -- I'm going to start traveling home more. She is just my favorite person and spending time with her is my favorite thing to do!!

Most Popular Item This Week: This Ralph Lauren coat that I got on sale last year that is part of the sale THIS year!

Favorite Finds:
--Can't tell if I love or hate these because they remind me of my childhood years 
--A yellow maxi sure to channel your inner 'Yonce

Song of the Week: May be old but I've been jamming to "Feel It Still" by Portugal

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