Top 5 Favorite 2017 Nordstrom Sale Items in my Closet

Thought I could share some tried and true items that have been in my closet for over a year now that are included in the sale. This way you know that they are really worth the hype and you can snag them for yourself!


1. Ralph Lauren Wool Coat: $139 - You guys already know how much I love this coat. I bought it last year in the sale and wore it ALL the time this past fall and winter. It is the most sophisticated and classic wool coat out there and it actually pairs so nicely with everything. You can see it featured on the blog HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE.

I know there have been a lot of items in the sale that people are pushing but I honestly think that if you were to only buy one thing from the sale, it should be this coat. It's marked down from $220 and also comes in black and grey if you find beige isn't your fancy. I decided over the weekend that I needed a nice black wool coat to wear in the winter when I'm more formal than casual so I pulled the trigger on it. 

As for sizing, it runs TTS and I'm wearing my normal size 6. As for quality, it has stands the test of time and looks brand new even after a year. You can't go wrong with this purchase!

2. AG Raw Hem Jeans: $149 - Any time you see me on the blog wearing jeans, they are AG. I think I got my first pair three years ago based off a recommendation and haven't looked back. It started with a white pair and now it's grown to about 10 pairs of different washes and styles. What I love most about AG jeans is the fit. I'm a curvy woman and I need something that is tight in the legs but gives me and my hips room to breathe.

I always tell my friends AG jeans are like the sisterhood of the traveling pants. They fit everyone perfectly and you can't seem to take them off! Outside of their fit, they never stretch out. It's not like they'll get baggy around the knees or keep falling down around your waist. They stay true as the day you got them.

And out of all the pairs I have, my raw hem jeans get the most wear. It's probably because I can wear them to work without having to worry about it (can't have holes in your jeans at work) but also because it's my way of being trendy without being overly trendy. Does that make sense? 

My style is more on the classic side of things and raw hem jeans are very trendy right now. Which I actually really love because it's such a simple thing to get on board with. Nothing too flashy about them but just an easy way to stay current!

For sizing, they run TTS and I'm wearing my normal size 29! See them styled HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

3. J. Crew Regent Blazer: $147 - If you've been around the blog for a while you know my hands down go to blazer is the Regent blazer from J. Crew. There was a time in my life where I just couldn't for the life of me find a blazer that either fit or looked good on me. And I had tried a LOT of other J. Crew styles. I knew I wanted them for work (it's so easy to throw one onto any outfit) but I also knew it had to be what I was looking for. And in stepped the Regent Blazer.

I think what I love most about this style of blazer is that it's not too bulky. It's actually rather slimming and is structured so nicely for any body type. The collar is also a no mess collar so you really don't have to worry about it-- it lays nicely with anything underneath. I have this jacket so far in beige, red and a plaid print but I just put this navy one into my cart. 

They are on the more expensive side for jackets but I think the quality is worth the purchase price BUT if you can snag it while it's on sale, you have to do it. As part of the Nordstrom sale, the black AND navy are included so try and get some while you can!

For sizing, it runs TTS and I'm wearing my normal size 6. You can see it styled HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE

4. Tahari Wrap Wool Coat: $158 - As for the items on this list, this one is actually my most recent purchase. I've always loved (and wanted) a wrap coat since the first season of Scandal but I could just never find one that didn't look like a big blanket wrapped around me. I needed one that was nicely structured and perfectly put together so it looked as classy as Olivia Pope.

I snagged this coat in the middle of winter last year and really happy I did! It's the most beautiful blue color (that brings out my eyes) but besides that, the material and jacket are so nicely made. It's heavy and stitched perfectly and really looks more expensive than it is. The hood was able to be styled a slew of different ways with each one of them looking just as cute as the last. It's a more unconventional coat and out of this list it would be the one I least recommend but if you're in the market for a wrap coat, this is your big buy!

For sizing, it runs TTS and I'm wearing a Medium here! It also comes in brown and black!

5. Natori Bras: Contour Bra $46 // T-shirt Bra $47 - If you remember by very popular bra post, then you'll remember these bras. They are my holy grail of holy grail and are a MUST have for any girl with a chest -- small or large! I personally wrote the post for larger chested girls like myself who have trouble finding anything that stands up to the test but I got a ton of emails and comments saying that girls without DD's love them too.

So good news, they are on sale! The contour bra (the one with the lace at the top of this photo) is on sale as part of the Nordstrom early access sale and is on sale for a GREAT price. Side note: why are bras so expensive? The t-shirt bra however (my favorite of the two) is just on regular sale for EVERYONE!! Yes so girls who can't shop the early access sale can shop these right now and steal the deal!

You can read my full review and sizing on them HERE but they do run TTS as long as you know what your correct size is!

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