Weekend Update: April 14

Happy Friday! I am officially back in regularly scheduled programming and slowly getting my routine set for the coming months. It feels good to have a set routine (especially in the morning) but even better to just be at home and do what needs to get done. It's been a productive week!
New white denim -- I've been trying to find a new pair of white denim for FOREVER but none that I love. Hoping these do the trick!
These red TB slides -- I LOVE THEM
Red summer dress (under $100!)
Textured mini dress (love the pale pink color)

Reading: About to start reading Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll! A friend at work recommended it to me because she knew the author through a friend of a friend. She says it's too good to put down!

Weekend Plans: Andrew and I have a "free weekend" which means no travel, no need to shoot for the blog, no weddings, etc so I think we're going to try and go to Six Flags tomorrow! And then for Easter Sunday we'll be spending it at his parents' house!

Most Popular Item This Week: This off the shoulder swimsuit (which is back in black in all sizes!)

Favorite Finds:
How FUN are these heels with the pearls on them?? I think I love the blue the best!
Usually not a fan of New Balance but these light pink ones need to be mine
Another day another Ted Baker dress (with a bow on it!)
Not into chokers but if I was...
A cute cross body bag that won't break the bank! (it's only $42)

Favorite Blogger Post: I know I always link to Taylor but she's just my favorite and is sooooo pretty! Her most recent post from Palm Beach is no exception!

Song Of the Week: Throwing it back to some 90's country with Jo Dee Messina's song "Bye Bye" -- if nothing else be sure to watch how OLD this video looks ahahah

A Must Watch: Veep comes back on Sunday (YAY!) and I cannot wait but I saw JLD tweet this video out and it was so spot-on it's almost sad this was a very real life clip. People who know and love Veep will love this, I hope the rest of you do too!

A Must Read: Have you guys heard of Shadowbanning on Instagram? I guess it's yet another thing we're going to have to worry about now (especially if you hashtag a lot). Check out this post to learn all about it, if it affects you and how to stop it. 
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