Swimsuits in Saint Lucia

After the beautiful weekend we had, who is ready for a full roundup and review of the swimsuits I wore in Saint Lucia? We have some good ones from this trip so get your wallets ready!


Do you notice a one-piece trend here? I think I wore a bikini twice on the trip but never shot it. One-pieces for sure ran the pool on this trip. I used to think one pieces were more for parents (because they always wore them) and children -- always too old or too young for me. 

But I was wrong (obviously) and I think over the past few years one pieces are making a strong comeback. It's weird but I almost feel sexier in a one piece than I do in a bikini because they show off all the things I want to highlight, make me slimmer and hide more imperfections. 

I know I've recently been sharing a lot of different swimsuits but I wanted to break them down one by one and talk about my likes and dislikes for them individually!

Red Scoop Back One Piece: (size 6) I think out of all the swimsuits I wore on this trip, this was my favorite. It made me feel SO good and very Baywatch. The simplicity of it and the bright red color with the super low scoop back was just the best. I didn't think I was going to love it as much as I did!

(see full post HERE)

White Off the Shoulder One Piece: (size 6) You might remember this swimsuit in black from my trip to Maui. I loved the black version so much that I had to get it in white! The black was my favorite one piece of all time and what I loved the most was it could be worn so many different ways. I was nervous at first because white swimsuits are usually an oxymoron but this was really well lined and even had an extra liner around the bottom half. I loved how stark white it was but compared to the black, it comes in second. I just think the black is the best swimsuit ever (still) and the white can't compare. On it's own, I obviously love it but next to the black, it falls behind.

(P.S. The black version is fully restocked in all sizes) -- (see full post HERE)

Gingham One Piece (currently 20% until tonight!): (size MSolid & Striped is one of my favorite swimsuit brands and the original one who made me fall in love with one pieces. I own a few different styles from them but you know when I saw this gingham print it had to be mine. I already knew I was going to love it because I have this style of suit already but that just means that I loved it enough to buy more versions of it. It's a really well made suit and you can't go wrong with anything that this brand carries.

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J. Crew Striped One Piece (25% off!): (size 6) I was really excited to wear this swimsuit because of the stripes and the cute ruffle it had along the back. But I really didn't love how this pictured. I feel like it almost blended in with my pale skin and the stripes did me NO favors in the chest or stomach area. The swimsuit itself was also a little flimsy because of the halter neckline. Flimsy in the sense that with the other low scoop back swimsuits I have that go over my shoulders, this one felt more loose and that I could pop out at any time. It's less secure is what I'm trying to say. I'm going to keep it and see if I can tone and tan away my problems but I didn't love this as much as I was hoping!

J. Crew Gingham Off The Shoulder One Piece: (size 6) I bought this swimsuit hoping it would be similar to the black off the shoulder I mentioned above. It had all the makings to be! But the structure of it was a lot less sliming and spanx-esque and more just there. So it wasn't as flattering and I don't know that I loved the way this pictured either. Out of all the swimsuits I wore on this trip, this was probably my least favorite and wouldn't totally recommend buying it.

Which was your favorite??

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