My Sister's Wedding

So excited to share what I wore to my sister's wedding! The setting, the dress, my hair, my sister -- all were STUNNING and you'll see for yourself below!


As you can see, I went with the yellow dress! I know there was a lot of input from you all on THIS post and it was pretty 50/50 (thank you!) but my sister and I loved the yellow so much we said yes to the bridesmaid dress :)

I was not expecting this dress to be the one I'd wear because it isn't even that cute online. But I was pretty desperate and was buying any maxi dress to see if it would work. Yellow wasn't even in my approved color wheel of dresses. However, when I received it and we tried it on -- and even when we test shot it -- we all agreed it was perfect.

It was perfect for the wedding because it was different and not super traditional, much in the same way as the wedding. It was such a beautiful color that went perfectly with the beach theme. I'm not usually one who likes the short dress with a long skirt over it, but it was so ideal for the warm beach wedding. I also was sweating a little and you couldn't even tell!

Who knew that yellow was my color?!

As for my hair and makeup, I am very proud to say I did them both myself. I even applied the LAYERS of makeup on my bruise. For my hair, I pulled my bangs out, braided them and tied it at the end. I curled the rest of my hair, put it in a low bun, teased it and just took pieces of the ponytail and bobby-pinned it up. Then I pinned my braid back as well. Turned out pretty great, huh??

The wedding itself was absolutely stunning and the prettiest thing I have ever been a part of. I laughed, I cried and I had the most amazing time. I'm so happy for my sister and her new husband but very sad the whole thing is over. I wish I could relive that week over and over again (minus the fall down the mountain).

I didn't want to share too much of my sister's wedding since it's not mine to share, but I thought a picture or two of the both of us should suffice! 

P.S. I know my dress is expensive so I rounded up my favorite yellow dresses below (most are under $100!)


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