Weekend Update: March 31

T-minus 24 hours guys! I have so much left to do before I leave tomorrow morning. So much that instead of just freaking out and dying over it you kind of just have this calm about you. It's a dangerous thing!

Shopping: Yikes! DID SO MUCH SHOPPING FOR SAINT LUCIA!!! I literally cannot put it all in one place because it will take up the entire blog post. So I'm going to share my top five favorite things:
-Ted Baker dress (with navy bows!)

Reading: I'm bringing The Vanishing Year, The Hating Game and Rich and Pretty with me to Saint Lucia and I'm about to crush some reading! And hopefully some writing ;)

Weekend Plans: Ummmm relaxing on the beach... soaking up the sun... hanging out with the fam bam....

Most Popular Item This Week: This Milly Dress (that is the most beautiful print!!)

Favorite Finds:

Favorite Blogger Post: Taylor once again kills it with this seersucker stripe skirt -- seriously HOW CUTE IS SHE!

Song of the Week: "California Sun" by Corey Harper -- the discover weekly this week on Spotify was amazing and this song was on it. Can't stop listening and dancing to it. Such a good chill out and relax song.

A Must Watch: I'm plugging my own video this week which is my Makeup Routine for Blog Photos! I'm actually not going to be sharing the videos here on the blog each week so if you want to stay up to date, please be sure to subscribe HERE. I will be posting once during the week and once on the weekend so it would stink to miss out!

A Must Read/Listen to: A podcast is like reading, right? I am five episodes in to the "S-Town" podcast (they posted it all at once so you can binge). And why it says it's a murder mystery it sharply turns away in the third episode and while you have no idea where it's really going, it's one of those things you can't stop listening to!
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