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T-minus 48 hours until I am in Saint Lucia for a WEEK!! I could not be more excited and I need time to speed up (until we land and then slowwwww down). And nothing makes me more excited to travel than some new bags! 


Somedays Loving: Crochet Kimono / Topshop: Scallop Tank (old; similar HERE) / AG: Legging Ankle Jeans / Barrington Gifts: Cosmetic Kit Case, St. Anne Tote Bag & Duffle Captains Bag all c/o

If you're been around for a while, you know that my love for Barrington Gifts goes deep (see: blog post from 2014). I travel a lot and I always find myself reaching for their tote bag or weekender. Both are a must in any travel girl's closet and are always so versatile.

A fun new product (to me at least) is this cosmetic kit! I have a couple of makeup bags but none really hold up well. They either don't hold very much or they are too flimsy. This bag though... holds SO much and will still stand up straight when you use it.

And of course the very best thing about Barrington Gifts is how you're able to customize every, single, thing. You can pick the color of print, the print, the color of leather, the color of the monogram and the style of monogram. In a nutshell, the bag you pick out is 100% yours!

These items came in just in time for my trip to St Lucia and I'm pumped!! I have a TON of new clothes to bring with me on the trip and I just wanted to share my very favorites with you below!!

Dresses: Hydrangea Shift Dress / Red Ruffle Mini Dress / A-line Flower + Bow Dress 
Swim Suits: White Off the Shoulder / Red Scoop Back One Piece 
Shoes: Navy + Pearl Slides / Maritime Sandals / Cork Heels 
Accessories + Shorts: 7FAM Destroyed Denim Shorts / Sail Boat Scarf 


Thanks to Barrington Gifts for sponsoring this post!

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