Weekend Update: February 3

I feel like this was the quickest week in existence. I cannot believe it's already February and it's crazy that it's already Friday. Where did the week go? I wanted to say hello and thank you to all the amazing girls I've been able to chat and connect with this week. It's so fun to talk with you all! Here are some highlights from the week...

Shopping: Didn't do too much damage this week...
J. Crew Pullover Sweater: Shared this last week and just could never get it out of my head. I hope it layers the way I want. It would look so crisp with a white button-down underneath.

Navy Bow A-Line Dress: It had a bow and it's navy. Did we think I was going to say no? I can't wait to try it on!

Bell Sleeve Button Down: This top was stunning and I hope I love it as much in person. It's for sure on the trendier side of things but I feel like it's so put together and professional you can almost wear it wherever you want!

Kaleidiscope Dress: I thought this dress was to die for! Between the bows on the shoulders and the low back, what is not to love? I have a special place in my heart for Ted Baker dresses and this is no exception! I feel like it would be really great for any weddings coming up -- just the right touch of spring!

Reading: What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty - I just can't seem to put this book down at night! I feel just as lost as Alice does and it leaves me turning every page as quickly as I can.

NYC Life: Andrew and I saw Moonlight at our favorite theatre in Battery Park (they have recliners!!) and I absolutely loved everything about it. Andrew looked at me after the movie ended and asked why I was crying. I guess it's not for everyone but I personally can see why it's up for so many amazing Oscar nominations. 

Weekend Plans: Mainly blog things and shooting. Andrew's family always has a big Super Bowl party so we'll be up there all day Sunday eating the day away. I've been all about the low key weekends lately.

Most Popular Item This Week: The dupe Gucci Loafers -- for a good reason!

Throwback Post: Tips for Working Full Time and Running a Blog -- during my Q&A on Monday a good amount of you wanted to know tips for time management, especially when you have a blog on the side. I wrote this post so long ago but it still holds true!

Favorite Finds:
A beautiful scarf perfect for the upcoming holiday. 

Grey sneakers that look extremely comfortable and very similar to the $$$ yeezy shoes!

Another Ted Baker dress with a bow bigger and bolder than before.

The cutest one shoulder chambray dress you will see this spring.

THE BEST nautical slides in the whole wide world. #needASAP

A stripe dress that is simple (with a twist) and perfect for spring.

The next dress I'm going to buy and wear every single day because it's so cute and perfect for work.

Favorite Blogger Post: Sydney's Stripe Maxi Skirt -- she looks STUNNING! I have no need for a maxi skirt like this, but boy, does she make it look pretty.

Song of the Week: "Better" by Rone
You all know I've been a big fan of Barstool, but what you may not know is one of my favorite Barstoolers is Rone, who just so happens to be a rapper. I found him on Spotify earlier this week and fell in love with a couple of his songs. This is one of them!

A Must Read: The Best Rapper Alive - Complex put together a list of the best rapper each year from the 1979 to today. GUESS WHO WON IN 2016? None other than my one true love: Chance the Rapper (who will be performing at the Grammys!!!!)

A Must Watch: Donald Trump's Refugee Ban, Explained - with all the craziness going around it's hard to know what is true and what is not. I felt really lost last weekend unaware of what exactly was happening and how I could help. I thought this video explained it all in layman's terms. If you want something more lighthearted and funny, here's a Car Tour (parody video)!

Ask Me Anything: Where is the gold sailboat you shared on Snapchat from? Breakwater Bay!

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