January Reading List

Can you tell I'm a sucker for cute book covers? Excited to share my reading list from this past month. Hoping to make this into a monthly series if you all enjoy it!


Primates of Park Ave by Wednesday Martin

Summary: I originally picked this up because I had read an excerpt in the NYT about the book and I thought it was fascinating. It's a story of a woman moving from Lower Manhattan to the Upper East Side (UES) and how she finds herself adjusting to the most secret and social elite "tribe" of the Upper East Side Moms. The author uses her background in anthropology to learn more about the group in a primal way and applies her studies to try and break into the group. Near the end of the book, something tragic occurs that makes her re-think everything and finds out there is so much more to this elite tribe than she originally thought. 

Why I liked it: Living in New York (or watching shows like Gossip Girl) you always hear whispers and rumors about what life on the UES is like and this book sheds a lot of light into it. A lot of people always wish to have extreme wealth and power but at what cost? As they say, mo' money mo' problems. 

Would I recommend it: Yes!

Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford

Summary: You're going to see a major theme of loving New York City books and especially ones that focus in on the social elite. It's a story of a girl who's social-climbing mother has landed her in prep-school and shortly after, the Upper East Side. Never truly finding her place in the city, the main character takes a job at a start up aimed at the elite. As she tries to do her job and break into the group, she starts to lie about her own status to fit into the world of debutants, thousand dollar clothing and status. But that's not where the bad decisions stop. But eventually, something has to break... and it does. Big time. 

Why I liked it: I thought it was a great story of the rise and fall of a phony social climber. It drew me in so much that I even started to feel anxious about all the lies and wrong choices. It was a really quick and easy read. 

Would I recommend it: Yes!

The Twilight Wife by A.J. Banner

Summary: I randomly graded this book at the LAX airport so I could have something to read on the plane. I really had no idea what I was getting into but the reviews online looked promising. It's the story of a woman who has had a horrible diving accident and remembers nothing from the past few years. With the help of her devoted husband and few friends, she tries to make sense of the flashbacks and memories she has left. But nothing is adding up. The more she learns, the worse things get.

Why I liked it: I really had no expectation for this book and for the third or so of the book, it was a lot of her (and the reader) trying to make sense of things. I questioned everything and tried to figure out what was going on -- how this was a "thriller." Well I sure got it. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough and I even got all sweaty and nervous! I finished the book in 4 hours -- seriously could not put it down!

Would I recommend it: Yes!

The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger

Summary: This book was actually sent to me sometime last year and I just never got around to reading it. Decided to pick it up because I was out of books to read one night and ended up really loving the book. It's the story of a young female tennis player and her rise to fame. She will stop at nothing to be the best. But to do so means cutting ties, changing her good girl image and possibly losing herself in it all. The rise to the top can be great, but at what cost?

Why I liked it: I know very little about the tennis (or the tennis world) so I thought it was fascinating to learn more about it (without it being boring or confusing). The author builds great stories around the main character and her rise to fame that leaves you wanting more each time. It was a really fun and easy read. 

Would I recommend it: Yes

Opening Belle by Maureen Sherry

Summary: This story is set in the financial wall street world before the real estate crash in 2008. The main character appears to have it all -- a big paying job that supports her husband and children and their life on the Upper West Side. But look a little deeper and you find out that her job is filled with sexually inappropriate frat boys, the pressure of a secret "glass-ceiling club" at work, a husband that doesn't work and an ex-fiancĂ© (who she never got over) who happens to now be her biggest client. Something eventually has to give and we're not just talking about the market. 

Why I (didn't) like it: I was just continually frustrated with the main character. She never stood up for herself and I was constantly annoyed by her timidness. She has the ultimate girl boss and she just let people walk all over her. It's probably more of a real life book than the others I read but there were so many times where I had just wished she did things differently -- especially in her relationships with those around her.

Would I recommend it: No 

The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

Summary: This book is about the editor in chief of a big fashion magazine and her struggle when her previous assistant comes back from business school and tries to take reign of the magazine and turn it into an app. Not knowing what social media is, the editor in chief is in an adapt or die situation. But one thing is for sure: she's not letting her magazine go. The story is one of passion and learning and a lot of bumps a long the way. Good people will always succeed! 

Why I liked it: It's was a story of good and evil and one where I told myself "only one more chapter" until it was 3am every night. I think I connected to it because it was about new media and the transition from print to online but I think anyone in the digital age will feel the same. I loved how much I was rooting for the main character chapter after chapter and really how likable and smart she was. I love a good girl boss!

Would I recommend it: Yes!


I found a love for reading while we were in Hawaii over New Years and now I just can't seem to stop reading. I try and read every night before bed but most of my reading comes during the weekends. 
I have the LONGEST reading list right now since I feel like I'm so behind. So if you have any book suggestions, I would love to hear them. I will add them to the list. I feel like the best books come through recommendations so I'm all ears! 

Let me know if you like this set up for reviews or if there are things I should add/take away!

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