Weekend Update February 17

How cute are the new Lilly + Starbucks + Swell bottle collaborations?! See more details HERE about them if you are interested. If you're reading this it's too late I'm in Dublin for the long weekend. Excited to share more about my week below...

Shopping: I thought I didn't do that much damage this week, but it seems about on par with my normal shopping. Haha oops!

AG Farrah High Rise Denim - I'm sure I've mentioned it in passing but I swear by the powers of AG jeans. I almost exclusively wear them and I can promise they are worth every single penny. I especially love their Farrah style (high rise is my shiz) and I saw they had a lighter wash. Of course I snagged them! You can see them in my last IG here

AG White raw edge denim - I realllllyyyy need a new pair of white jeans and I loved these online but I got them in yesterday and they are TOTALLY see through. So unusual for AG (I know because my other white jeans are AG and the reason I started loving them is because of their non-seethrough white jeans). 

Brooks Brother Gingham Dress - I saw this on Jackie's IG story and I KNEW I had to have it. It's packed away in my suitcase already!!

Scallop Hem Sweater - Loved the idea of this but the sleeves were not cute. The drop hem with the little bulge was not ideal.

Scallop Suede Jacket - Mentioned this last week and of course I love it!! So cute for a transitional piece. 

Reading: I just started American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld (the same author who wrote Eligible) and it's a fiction novel loosely based on the life of Laura Bush. I LOVE Laura so that's why I picked it up. But I'm really falling for this book! Already halfway through and I started it yesterday!

NYC Life: I had jury duty this week! I was summoned and selected last Wednesday and the trial was all this week. Honestly, I had the very best time. People kept saying such negative things about it and about how my time would go but I thought it was a blast. I want to do it again. If you guys want to know more, let me know. I'd love to share my experience!

Weekend Plans: I'm in Dublin for Andrew's 30th!!! Leave me any and every reccomendation you know of! We're doing Guinness Factory, Whiskey Museum and the Goal prison but that's all we have booked.

My Most Popular Item This Week: This tweed fit and flare dress (that is even more amazing in person)!

Throwback Post: Instagram vs Real Life (vol 2) -- One of my all-time most popular posts!

Favorite Finds:
Crop leggings that would be the only reason I want to work out.

A spring/vacation must-have would be this eyelet cotton off the shoulder dress (comes in navy and white). Bring on the warm weather!!

A beautiful mesh fit and flare (scalloped hem) dress that would be awesome for a spring wedding.

The cutest pale pink fit and flare trench coat. Rainy day style!

Favorite Blogger Post: Woodstock from Blair - She always has amazing outfits but this one of course is my favorite. Totally my style!

Song of the Week: "Nobody Has To Know" by Timeflies -- OMG you guys it is SO SO SO good. I cannot stop listening. They need to put in on Spotify ASAP!

A Must Read: I have to admit that I haven't done much online reading this week with jury duty but Andrew suggests the Politico Playbook. It's about a 20-minute read each day and it keeps you up to date with politics from the day before and also lets you know about what the day ahead holds. He also just informed me they do one in the morning and one at lunchtime!

*While this isn't a read, it's worth a hearty laugh. I love John Oliver more than a girl should and he's back!! His show was awesome but this Trump Handshake video has me dying.*

A Must Watch: Kris Bryant gets pranked by Greg Maddux (it's a baseball related video) and it's hilarious! I was snorting laughing today during lunch watching it.

Ask Me Anything: How often do you clean out your closet? I try and do the one-in-one-out rule daily, but I do a deep closet purge about every three months or during the change of the seasons!

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