Weekend Update: January 27

This picture was from the only sunny day this week! It rained every single day which sucked. But finally one morning the blue skies came out -- I love trying to capture the sun behind the city in the morning. Super blessed for this view!

Shopping: Oh man did I shop this week. Not a good one but I did do a recent closet purge and had my girlfriends come over last night and take the rest so it felt good to get a lot of things out the door. 
Bow Off the Shoulder Top: I shared this on twitter when I first saw it but it's soooooo cute!!! I hope the arms don't look weird on me but this top just screams spring and I'm all in. Did I mention it was under $50?
Loafer Fur Slides (also HERE): I blogged about these earlier in the week and I'm so sad they are almost out of stock because they are seriously good dupes to the Gucci loafers!
Red Quilted Jacket: This jacket reminds me so so much of the Burberry one (look at the sleeves) I had to snatch it up to see if it can hold up in real life. I will give you all an update! 
Charlotte Tilbury Powder: This was a little bit of an impulse buy for me. I was just hanging around on YouTube and stumbled across her makeup page watched exactly two videos where she used this and bought the product right then and there. It just looks like it works wonders! I don't even usually wear a powder. I don't know what I was thinking haha.
Maxwell Tie Sleeve Blouse: You can never have too many white shirts in your closet first and foremost. This looked perfect for spring so I had to snatch it up. Praying it's not see through but the ties make it extra special!
Fluted Tie Sleeve Top: To go along with the tie sleeve trend here, I snagged this top for topshop. Looking back on it now I'm a little less excited to get it in but I really hope it surpasses my expectations!
Tie Sleeve Shift: OK OK I know. Last tie thing of the day. I just love shift dresses and this pale pink one made my list of must haves for the week. Sue me!
Baseball Tee: Look at this top and tell me it doesn't look like the most comfortable thing ever. I don't know what I'll wear it with but I know I need it. Baseball!!
Marc Fisher Wedges: These Chloe dupes are back in our lives and they are here to stay! I have a pair of the open toe wedges from last season but I wanted to try and snag a pair of the close toed ones as well. We'll see how it goes because for the life of me I cannot figure out how to style espedrilles sandals. 
Reading: I have not been reading like I want to lately (life gets in the way) but I'm still reading up on Sweetbitter. The book is getting better and more interesting the more I read it. It's not a page turner that I can't put down but it's good. I'm looking forward to reading more.
NYC Life: Andrew and I went to the Rangers game on Wednesday and I have to admit the game was pretty bad. But the seats and the popcorn were great so there wasn't too much to complain about. I also had my girlfriends from work over last night for a wine and cheese night and it was so much fun. I can't tell you how great it is to have such good friends at work. They can make anything better!
Weekend Plans: I need to film! Omg do I need to film... I seriously loved doing daily vlogs and I was actually sad when they stopped because I didn't know what to do with myself. You do blogs for 30+ days and you stop cold turkey it's a strange feeling. But then I just didn't film ANY and I was sad. So they will be back starting next week! 
Also last weekend Andrew and I went to see the movie Lion and I thought it was amazing. Definitely recommend it to everyone! I can see why it's nominated for so many movies. Praying we can see another one this weekend!
Most Popular Item This Week: The Zella Leggings - DUH these leggings are the bomb dot com and I want to wear them everyday of my life. Patiently waiting for work to allow the athleisure look for the day time.
Throwback Post: One Year Anniversary in New York City - it is always so much fun looking back on theses posts, I'm truly happy that I made this a yearly thing! Crazy I'm heading on 4 years this year -- where has the time gone?

Favorite Finds:
-Kaleidoscope Dress: may be a little more than you're looking to spend on a dress but I love Ted Baker items and think they are usually worth the price. The beautiful satin bows on the shoulders look amazing and I feel like the back of the dress comes as a shocker since it's so low. I feel like this would be good for winter formal events!
-Mock Sweater Vest: The name of it sounds weird but I think this top is actually the cutest. I can see it being worn with a leather vest and some jeans/booties -- perfect for that in between time of winter and spring!
-Zella Hoodie: Now I'm obsessed with all things Zella since these leggings came in, so I found this sweatshirt and think it might actually be one of those really cute "I'm wearing sweats but still look fancy" types of shirts. Anyone else agree? 
-Sunflower Sunglasses: I think these are the cutest! Especially for summer but I'm trying to figure out if I can pull them off. 
-J. Crew Pullover Sweater: This looks super comfortable and something that would be so fun to layer but I can't figure out if it would be too boxy or not on my body. Thoughts? 
Favorite Blogger Post: "Blogging Tips and Tricks" by Grace at The Stripe. GUYS this post is LEGIT and I even learned a thing or two. Just simply an amazing amazing post by Grace. You rock!!
Song of the Week: Broad Shoulders By Taylor Bennett ft Chance the Rapper. This week was amazing for songs (let me know if you guys want a playlist!) and this was a big front runner. My love for Chance is unmatched so this pick may be biased but it is a really good song.
A Must Read (listen to): The Barstool guys did an podcast with Evan and Kenny from MTVs the Challenge (one of my favorite shows) and it was soooooo good. First off, I'm a big old school lover of these two guys but the stuff they were shedding light on and getting into was SO interesting and definitely worth a listen to!
A Must Watch: Bad Lip Reading of the Inauguration -- this had me in TEARS it was so funny. It might be true at parts even. But omg hahaha this is so worth 5 minutes of your day. Sometimes these videos are so so but this one was one of the best. 
Ask Me Anything: Will you post reviews of the items you've bought under your "shopping" links? Yes! The way I shop is methodical but my packages always arrive by EOD Friday (or sometimes longer recently because two day shipping is not available). So I don't have reviews when I'm writing this but I can do a snapchat or instagram review or unboxing over the weekends! Where would you guys prefer to see it?
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