Weekend Update: January 13

Happy Friday! I wanted to let you all know there is a new format to our regularly scheduled Friday Five (and new name)! I wanted it to be structured a little differently and have recurring topic threads with links but also change it up each week to talk about what made this week, this week! I hope you enjoy :)

Shopping: I didn't do as much shopping this week as normal. This month is totally a rut for me because I just don't know what to wear or feature on the blog. I don't know if it makes sense but winter is by far the hardest time for my style. How many times can you wear a sweater, jacket and jeans until it gets old? So I tried to snag some semi-winter looking items...

Wool Wrap Coat - I just think this is such a beautiful coat (I ordered it in blue) and something totally different than anything I own, so I decided to give it a try. Praying it looks cute with all of my navy items!

Ralph Lauren Down Parka - I love all of the Ralph Lauren items and this jacket is no exception. I really loved that it was 50% off and looked to be lined with shearling. Hopefully it's warm! I will report back.

Free People Sweater - These sweaters give me LIFE and that's what I need right now. I got it in red to hopefully wear it over Valentine's Day (aka so I can be comfy and cozy) but we shall see!

Bow Shoe Clip - Add this to the list of items I don't need but seem like a good purchase. I feel like these will instantly transform my shoes into these Prada ones so that's why I got them. Wish me luck haha. 

Fur Snow Boot - These are what I am most excited about getting in! I really hope I love them because I am having the hardest time finding good winter boots. I have my Uggs and my Bean boots but I want something really heavy duty, you know? And I want these to be it!

I actually just finished this last night! It was a really cute book. It's an easy read about a fictional New York City editor in chief, Imogen, to a fashion magazine that is coming into the 21st century and subsequently getting moved online. Imogen doesn't even know how to reply to emails nonetheless know what Twitter is or understand a conversion rate. Her past 20-something assistant is now back from business school and running the magazine app with plans to get Imogen out of the picture. Imogen is now under the adapt-or-die umbrella and needs to figure out how to stay in the place she loves. 

NYC Life: On Tuesday I went to Aria Wine Bar with my friend Sam for a girls' dinner and catch up after the holidays. Plus I needed to she her new engagement ring in person!! I had never been even though I have friends to rave about the place. It was a quintessential NYC restaurant: small, delicious and very trendy. Great place to grab a quick bite and a drink!

Weekend Plans: Clean, clean and clean. I have totally been ignoring my apartment this last week and it shows. I also realllllyyyyy need to take down my tree hahah. I think it's time. Oh! And I'm doing a closet clean out this weekend and selling things on my shop Instagram page. Be sure to follow it here!

Most popular item this week: By far it was this off-the-shoulder swimsuit. With good reason! I love this thing!

A Throwback Post: Suede On Suede
From last fall -- I still wear this dress all the time, it's pretty perfect for work and super cute with a long sleeve button up under it! And of course my SW boots. The OG pair, may you live on forever.

Favorite Finds: 
This sweetheart ballgown -- To die for! I would love for someone to invite me somewhere black tie so I could wear this, my goodness. 

These slingback pumps -- Very similar to the Chanel heels everyone was sporting this summer but with a pointy toe! I kind of really love them because they seem like they can be more dressed up than normal. They also come in two other colors!

The bobble drop earring dupes (for only $38!) -- I pray these earrings never go out of style because I seriously love them so much. They are just too cute not to wear!

Pearl Collar dress (in white!) -- Remember my pearl collar dress from Christmas time that I adored and love? Well they made another one similar to it and it now comes in this beautiful almond color that you for sure need. 

I found this article through a friend on Twitter and thought it was a fun idea. I mean she has a lot of really great points. There is just such a stigma around blogging and making money from it that we're all going to need to get over.

Song of the Week: "One Last Time" from Hamilton
Outside the fact that this video resurfaced this week on purpose, I have been obsessed with this song since seeing Hamilton before Christmas. Such a brilliantly catchy song and so well sung. Be careful because you'll be singing it all day lonnngggggg.

GQ did a beautiful article and Q&A with my all-time favorite Chance the Rapper. It made me tear up and actually laugh out loud all at the same time. My love for Chance is unmatched. Whether you know about him or not, it's a great, quick read!

The Must Watch: "Yes We Can" 
Okay I totally teared up watching this video of people sharing their most memorable moments from the Obama presidency. Whether you support him or not, there is no denying there has been no one like him and what he has done for this world will never be forgotten. 
Ask Me Anything: I've seen you talk about Detox Dry shampoo and also a mentions on Living Proof and Aveda, maybe that's just blogger mail. What are you using right now/loving right now? 
I love, live by and only use the Drybar Dry Shampoo. This stuff rocks my world
(What do we think of the format?? Lmk down below! And be sure to send in a question for next weeks!)
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