48 Hours In Vegas

Remember when I went to Vegas?? Feels like forever ago! Yea well, I had a blast and I wanted to share what we did in our short 48 hours (which is like a full week in Las Vegas!)

Where We Stayed: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

This was my very first trip to Vegas and I knew I wanted to stay on the Strip. There are so many fabulous hotels in the city but every single person I spoke to kept telling me to stay at the Cosmopolitan. They said it was the perfect hotel for me and after staying there, I totally see why!

First off, the hotel is so beautiful. It's massive, super elegant (like, have-drinks-inside-a-huge-chandelier elegant) and had so much to do inside. I'm pretty sure I could have stayed inside the hotel the entire weekend and would never find a reason to leave. They have it all!

Caitlin and I worked with the Cosmopolitan for our trip so they set us each up with these amazing terrace one bedroom rooms with a fountain view. The view was something out of a movie and even impressed Andrew, who has been to Vegas a hnumber of times!

The room was huge and really beautiful -- perfect for our weekend stay. The bathroom was one of my favorite parts because it had a rain shower room with a huge soaking tub next to it overlooking the Strip. And of course, knowing me, the blue blanket on the end of the bed was to die for! You can see a full room tour in my vlog

P.S. They are having a "resolutions don't stand a chance" offer right now where you can get 15% off your stay!

What We Did:

The Game - The whole reason we were in Vegas for the weekend (or at least what brought us to Vegas) was the UK v. UNC game. As you know, I am a proud and devoted UK alum and Caitlin just so happened to go to UNC. A friendly rivalry, a fun city and a way to bring the boys sounded like the perfect weekend to me! The game was part of the CBS Classic and it just so happened that UK was ranked 6th and UNC 7th, so it made for an amazing game.

We also had the best seats, so close for one of the best college games I've seen live. We even decided to wear matching ugly Christmas sweaters for the game. How cute are they? UK ended up squeaking by with a narrow victory at the end so I was pretty pumped. See highlights from the game and my craziness here in the vlog!

Shopping - Bring your wallets people! The shops in Vegas are NO joke. There are about 10 different Louis Vuitton stores, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Pucci ... you name it! I guess if you win big, you spend big. It puts NYC to shame really. I loved shopping around!

Gambling - I am not a gambler and never have been. That was one of the main reasons I never had an urge to go to Vegas. But with the boys off doing their thing, Caitlin and I decided to learn how to play roulette. Man, did I fall in love with that game! It's addicting, a really fun to spend the night, and I ended up winning a lot of times. 

The Fountains - While we were walking around the city, we decided to stop and wait for the iconic fountains to go off -- they play every 15 during the day -- since it is one of the main attractions in Vegas. But man! Who knew the fountains, perfectly timed to music, could be SO cool to see? I loved every second of it and I wished it were longer!

Other Hotels - One of the big things we did was go walk around/shop in/eat at/gamble in different hotels in the city. Each one of them so unique and fun in their own right. We even road a roller coaster through one of them! I loved that each hotel was something so very different from the last, it made hopping around so much more fun. But I have to admit (and Caitlin agrees) that we loved our hotel the most. It truly was the most "us!"

Where We Ate:

Breakfast // 

Eggslut (in the Cosmo): Andrew had raved about this place on one of his many trips to LA, and there just so happened to be a second location in our hotel! We came here for breakfast one morning and waited on a 30-45 minute line (the place was that good) and got our breakfast sandwich fixes. It was delicious and a definite recommendation for anyone in Vegas or LA!

Wicked Spoon Buffet (in the Cosmo): For our first breakfast, we decided to do the all-you-can-eat buffet and let me tell you, no one does buffets like Vegas. Wow. They seriously had it ALL. I mean I was having oysters, ramen, waffles, gelato and bone marrow for breakfast. Anything you want they have and it was so so good.

Dinner // 

Holstein's (in the Cosmo): We had this our first night in town and the place was really good. I was boring and got a cesar salad but it was one of the best salads I have ever had (I'm hard to please on the dressing too). I snuck some of Andrew's fries (that were also delicious) and we split an app. The place was easy and quick so I loved it!

Shake Shack: You already know my love for the shack! I was just so surprised they had one in Vegas. We of course had to stop by since Chris had never been.

China Poblano (in the Cosmo): We went here for dinner after the game because we saw that it was a Mexican place but what we didn't read is that it's actually a Mexican Chinese fusion restaurant. The guacamole was made tableside and it was amazing. I loved my lettuce wraps too!

Vlogs from the Weekend:

And that was it for our Vegas trip! We had so much fun and can't wait to go back again :) Thanks to the Cosmopolitan for hosting us. We hope to see you again soon!
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