Friday Five November 4

What a fun week! I cannot believe it is already November and the holidays are around the corner. Where did the time go??

ONE / The Cubs
I don't know if you've heard but the Cubs won the World Series -- the first time since 1908!! It was the absolute best Game 7 I have ever been witness to which made the win that much more fun. The postseason is the best time in baseball and I'm really sad it's over. Also bummed I'm missing out on the Cubs parade today but Andrew and I have a fun weekend ahead.

I stumbled across these heels the other day and wowowowow I love them! They are SO perfect for the holidays and really anything with a bow I can get behind.

THREE / Burlington VT Recommendations 
Andrew and I are heading to Vermont this weekend. It was totally last minute and we're hoping for some nice fall weather but we need some recommendations on what to do there! We're flying into Burlington and will be all around the area so if you have anything at all, please share!

FOUR / NuLash
As you know I got my eyelash extensions removed about a month ago and ever since I have been using NuLash. 1 - to grow them back to normal but (more importantly) 2 - to grow them to be as long and thick as the extensions. I was a little iffy if it would actually do anything but I was so wrong. It's really an amazing product that really works and I so recommend it if you're in the market. It's worth the price and if you guys want, I can do a full review!

FIVE / New Scarf
Just got this in the mail today and omg I love it. I love Barbour in the first place but man on man is this scarf SOFT. It's big and chunky for fall and it's really everything you could want in a scarf. I don't think I've been this excited for a scarf before haha.

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