The Last of Fall in Central Park

Is anyone else super bummed that fall is coming to an end? We're quickly approaching "stick season," which is a term I learned this weekend in Vermont. It means we've passed the fall foliage and we're too early for the snow. It's really a brilliant term... 


Land's End Turtleneck Sweater
Stuart Weitzman Thighland Boots
Burberry: Trench Coat / Land's End: Turtleneck Sweater (similar) / Lysse: Faux Leather Leggings / Stuart Weitzman: Thighland Boots (more affordable option) / Louis Vuitton: Pochette Metis / Nars: Red Lipstick
One of the best things about the city is the abundance of parks. For such a large place, there is a plethora of parks. Sometimes they are so big you completely forget you're in the busiest place in the world. Andrew and I were walking around Central Park last week on our way to Barbour and we had to cut across the upper part of the park. 
We've been to Central Park a lot but I guess never to this part. It was amazing that there is so much of the park we have yet to see. I mean, I'm pretty sure I saw a castle in there that we are for sure going to need to check out next time we visit. 
As you can tell my wardrobe is ready for fall. I've traded in my gingham (well, most of it) for chunky cable knits and leggings. The heels are all but gone now and completely replaced with my favorite OTK boots. I search for trees to take photos in front of and I don't mind if we shoot in overcast weather. What has gotten into me??

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