Friday Five November 11

Happy Friday! Anyone else happy the election is over? I'm most happy that we can finally start to focus on the holidays!! It's the best time of the year :) Wooo!!

Everything is 40% off today and they have some REALLYYYYY good stuff right now. I went to the outlet mall in Deer Park yesterday and totally snagged everything in store (they were having a 50% off promotion). Also, I made a new best friend with Robin, who works there. If you ever go, she is the SWEETEST and will totally help you out! 

My outfit from above: Jacket / Vest / Scarf / Skirt / Shirt / Hat

I know it's political but no matter what side you're on, I think the video is simply amazing. He's an all-time favorite. 

THREE / Bum Bum Cream
Got this in a press mailer earlier this week and omg I have never smelt something sooooo good. I've also never loved lotion like I love this one. It is so soft and it doesn't make you feel oily at all. Plus it has a little shimmer in it so it's like, "heyyyyy" when you step out of the house. 

FOUR / Sam Edelman Booties (the best EVER)
I've been needing some new everyday booties for a while now and I just got these in the mail last night. I'm so unbelievably picky about booties but I saw these had good reviews so I thought why not. But omg they look so good. They are weirdly very slimming, the heel isn't that tall so it'll be perfect for walking around the city and the color is great. I'm wearing them today to work so I'll let you know how it goes!

FIVE / Christmas Tree Shopping
So this will be the first year I put up a tree in my apartment. I haven't in the past because my studio was too small and I'm always home in Chicago for Christmas but this year I thought if I do it early enough, it will work! I really wanted a real tree this year but they don't become widely available until after Thanksgiving. It would likely die before I leave for home, so that seemed like a lose-lose for me. 

So I was shopping online for a tree (as I do best) and I found this one I'm pretty excited about. I think it looks pretty real in the photo so I'm hoping I won't be disappointed! I'll let you know the final verdict next week when it comes in but if you're looking for a fake tree as well, Wayfair has a pretty good selection!
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