Apartment Update: Dining Room

President JFK Artwork

In New York, we call the "dining room" wherever the table is. So make no mistake that's what's going on here. But without further adieu, here is a peek into my dining room!

Marble bar table
Navy and white bar stools
nyc dining rooms
nyc apartment style

The way my apartment is shaped, I have this very long diagonal wall and it just so happens to be the perfect place to set up shop. The kitchen does not lend itself to sitting. Before moving in, I knew I wanted something tall so it wouldn't crowd the space too much. I also wanted to keep with the blue theme in the apartment and that's where these barstools came in.

In all honesty, I totally fell in love with them when Mackenzie shared them on her blog. They were just perfect. Too perfect to pass up. The navy and white brought in the perfect color scheme and the bamboo was the perfect contrast to the new floors.

After the chairs were ordered, I was on the hunt for a perfect table to match. I knew I wanted something square so I could run it flush with the wall and maximize my space. I'm really not a fan of the popular gold/marble/acrylic theme because I really think it's overdone and just not me so I was avoiding those at all costs. That is until I came across this bar table.

It was just SO pretty and (since we're being honest here) a great solid backdrop for any off-the-cuff Instagram photos. I loved the stark white base -- it blends better with the wall -- and the perfect marble tabletop. It was also a perfect size to fill the space while also having plenty of room for two to sit and eat dinner (and hold a lot of old mail). 

I will admit that when it ships it is HEAVY (did I mention shipping is FREE??) So heavy that my doorman had to deliver it into my apartment. But that's how you know it's legit. With that aside, the assembly of the table was easier than unwrapping the chairs. The base is all set and ready to go and all you have to do is put the marble on top of the table and screw in some bolts underneath. That was literally it!

So I've had the table and chairs for about a month or two now and every time I looked at the space it just looked incomplete. I knew I needed some artwork above the table but, man oh man, is that a hard feat. I'm so extremely indecisive when it comes to picking artwork, which is why I've never had any before.

I've always had this picture in my mind of having some type of JFK artwork in the apartment. Politics aside, I think he is just so cool and embodies the vibe I wanted in the place. The only problem with that is a lot of his photos are in black and white and most aren't available to be blown up. But did that stop me? No. 

I can't tell you how many hours I spent searching for "JFK" "JFK sailing" "JFK cigar," etc. And then I finally came across this photo in smalllllll small color print and fell in LOVE. It was a great photo and the colors were perfect for the blue theme of the apartment. I finally found it online in color and large enough for the space. Although it would have been perfect the next size up.

So yeha, that's the long story of three pieces of furniture in my apartment. But I love when I get to read about the stories behind everything on other blogs. I thought I would share my own!

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