Friday Five June 16

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Happy Friday! Did this week fly by or was it just me?? I posted this snap at the beginning of the week and got so much interest on the skirt I thought I'd share it here! You can get the skirt HERE online! Happy shopping :) See more of my week below!

ONE / OJ Simpson 30 for 30
This week the 5 part series, OJ Simpson: Made in America premiered on TV and it is awesome. Part 1 aired on ABC and the other 4 are rolling out on ESPN this week (Part 4 is tonight!) or you can watch all of them now on Watch ESPN. I'm not alone here saying that I think this is a fascinating story. 
I've been a huge 30 for 30 fan for many years (most you can watch on Netflix) and when I heard they were doing one on OJ, and it was ten hours long, I was all in. The documentary is SO extremely in depth and well done and I suggest anyone and everyone watch it. I personally learned so much and it's really interesting story. 
TWO / AQUA & Maison Jules
I've kind of fallen in love with two new brads: Aqua (from Bloomingdales) and Maison Jules (from Macy's). I feel like they're not as well known as other brands but boy are they awesome!! They both carry really cute clothing that is really affordable -- like everything under $100 affordable!
You can see the Aqua line HERE and my favorite lace dresses HERE, HERE and HERE (they all look like self portrait dresses). And see my favorite Maison Jules items HERE, HERE and HERE (I just got this gingham dress and this striped one)!

THREE / Grey's Anatomy 
So I ran out of TV shows to listen to in the background when I'm home from work (Madam Secretary only has one season on Netflix!!) so I thought I would re-watch Grey's (for the third time). I forgot HOW GOOD the show was in the beginning. It's had it's up and downs in terms of seasons but wow there was just so much in these first couple of seasons it's really fun to watch again.
If you guys want to see a blog post about my TV show recommendations, let me know. I have a lot of experience on the subject :)
FOUR / New Home Decor
I'm totally redecorating the new apartment and trying to figure out what style I'm going with is so much harder than I expected! Mainly because I want to do so many things I'm trying to make it all work together. If you have any home decor sites that I should check out, please let me know down below!
As of right now the only thing I'm 100% set on are these bar stools and this bar cart! That should be enough, right?
FIVE / In My Cart
I haven't really shopped this week (or at least pulled the trigger on my shopping cart) but I do have my eyes on a ton of new goodies! Loving these loafers (with pearls!!) but they're pretty out of the norm for me. What do we think? Another super cute pair of sunglasses and this amazing leaf shift dress. Safari is in guys!
Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!
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