21 Broad Nantucket

WHERE WE STAYED: 21 Broad, Nantucket

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One of my favorite things about 21Broad was its location. It was in the heart of downtown! It could not have been easier to get around and we were a block from Juice Bar! Next to really great restaurants, steps away from shopping and a skip away from the water, there wasn't much more a girl could ask for!

The Room:

For being a boutique hotel, the room was HUGE. It was so crisp and clean and very welcoming! I seriously fell in love with this room and the decor gave me so much inspiration for my new apartment. I loved the color scheme, the four poster king size bed, the rocks in the shower. Nothing was left unnoticed and you can tell every detail was so well thought out.

They had Vitamin C showers as well as the best smelling shower soaps, iPhone chargers, USB outlets, the most comfortable sheets and pillows, black out curtains ... the list can go on! Andrew and I could not get over how well done this hotel was. 

The Amenities:

Most smaller hotels don't really come with many amenities but of course, 21Broad did! They had free wifi throughout the hotel, games to play in the lobby, a really nice relaxing common area (that once again was decorated to perfection) AND an amazing outdoor courtyard with a fire pit!

Not to mention they had a full steam room and provided spa services, although Andrew and I didn't take full advantage of it. But with all of that, my favorite amenity had to be the umbrellas at the front door for guests to use. It was just so thoughtful! Who brings an umbrella on vacation? It was so helpful to have when it rained. And they were big too!

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Didn't get to snap breakfast (I was eating, duh) but every morning the hotel provided a small plates breakfast with local food, a lot of fruit and a whole lot of deliciousness. It was different every day and it was the right amount to get your day started! Not to mention they had cookies, muffins and fruit-infused water during the day!

The Hotel:

The hotel overall was extremely charming. It was the perfect amount of classic Nantucket mixed with a modern and cooler Nantucket. It was just so great to stay here! We were originally thinking about staying at 76Main (the sister hotel in Nantucket) but I honestly think that this was so perfect for us and we couldn't have asked for a better time. If you're in Nantucket, you MUST try and stay here.

Also did I mention rates start at $139? Isn't that crazy? It's a steal for all you're getting and where you get to call home for an extra few days. We even booked a last-minute extra stay (our flight got canceled trying to come home) and the management was so accommodating. We stole the last room for $200! There was nothing I didn't love about this hotel. 

Overall My Experience Was...

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AMAZING! Can't you tell? This was my first time at 21Broad but for sure not my last. It was so magical and I'm going to call it my home every time I go back to the island. This was also my first stay at a Lark Hotel but after seeing their other properties, I'm begging for a chance to explore more. Who's in for a trip to Portland?

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