Top of the Rock

When I think of magical places, the rooftop at Rockefeller Center is high on my list. And if you haven't been... pack your bags, put it on your to-do list and come away with me!

Top of the Rock, NYC

Top of the Rock, NYC
Covering the bases blog, J. Crew Mixed Gingham Sandals, Gingham, Spring shoes, Must have summer items, Patterned Heels
Covering the bases blog, J. Crew Mixed Gingham Sandals, Gingham, Spring shoes, Must have summer items, Patterned Heels
Cream and Sugar: Scallop Blue Dress / J. Crew: Mixed Gingham Sandals / Illesteva: Milian Sunglasses BaubleBar: Monogram Necklace / David Yurman: Pearl Earrings

When people ask me what to do in the city I always always point them to the top of The Rock. It has the best views in the city, is so easy to get to and is truly such a fun time. The common mistake is that people go to the top of the Empire State Building. While that's all good and well, it doesn't make any sense!

Why be IN the building that defines the New York City skyline? You want to SEE that building (and One World Trade for that matter too). The Rock is that place for you!

An insiders tip is to keep going up. They let you off first on the skydeck level with all the windows and tall glass. You make a full circle in the building, go up some escalators and are completely outside with tall glass casing. You might think you've made it BUT there are another set of stairs to go up where you have a completely unobstructed view.

Up there is where the good photos are. No glass to get in your way, the wind in your hair AND there are a lot fewer people up there (since most don't realize they can go up higher). So if you ever visit the top of the rock, make sure to keep this in mind!!

As for this dress... I LOVE it but it sadly sold out the day I got it in the mail :/ but the good thing is THESE shoes are back in stock and you need them in your closet ASAP. Like yesterday because they are amazing. While I will admit I'm wearing them incorrectly in these photos, I will say that they worked out just fine this way. 

Also if you want to see more NYC adventures, be sure to check out this label here!!


  1. I always recommend Top of the Rock to people coming to visit too. It's too good not to see. It really captures the beauty of this crazy city!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  2. All three sound like really good places to go visit. If/when I go visit Top of the Rock is definitely high on the list! Also, that dress is stunning on you; the color is perfect.
    From the South

  3. Gorgeous outfit! Love your shoes. Sophie x


  4. Those shoes are super cute! And very jealous of that view :)

  5. I love this outfit! Sad that the dress sold out, but I must scoop up those amazing shoes! They're beautiful! :)

  6. I have been saying for the longest time I have to get to the Top of the Rock. I just always forget every time we're in the city and remember when we're ready to leave. Love those shoes by the way! Beautifully Candid

  7. The shoes are so cute!


  8. Now THOSE are some shoes! I remember seeing them a while back and thinking "how did I go this long in life with so few gingham items?!?!". Anyways - love it!


  9. Are the stairs once you get off the elevator or are the stair on the observation deck? I just remember that the only option was the escalator but I was probably being a tourist cattle 😂

  10. Your shoes, LOVE! so fun!
    These images are beautiful, talk about some wonderful views of the city!
    xo Nan // Simply Elegant Blog

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