Friday Five April 1

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Can't believe it's already Friday! It feels like just yesterday I was home for a quick weekend. Honest time for you guys: I actually went home to surprise my mom for her birthday and Easter but I obviously couldn't tell you guys my plans since she reads the blog. It was the perfect surprise and it was awesome being home!!
ONE / Baseball Opening Day
It has been such a crazy week, I'm so glad it's over! We're getting ready for Opening Day in the office and while I'm so excited for the baseball season to start, I've been walking around like a zombie all week. Excited for another new season ahead. Don't forget to put your #CapsOn Opening Day!!
TWO / Random Things I Never Knew I Needed
Obviously I love shopping on Amazon (duh) and buying things I randomly need. Some work, others don't but I did find two really amazing (and cheap) items that I thought were worth sharing! 
First is this slip, random I know, but I find a ton of dresses are see-through and I just thought it would be good to have one. It was only $10 which may seem weird but it's a great quality! Next is this breast lift tape (also random, I get it) but totalllyyyyy worth it. I have a larger chest and there are dresses sometimes I can't wear bras with. These make sure the girls stay in place and that they're perky.
THREE / Red Scallop Bikini
I bit the bullet and bought this bikini for my trip to Exuma! I loveeee the way it fits (I've had major problems with this brand in the past). I snagged a M in the top and a L in the bottom. Both fit great!
Speaking of swimsuits, I also snagged these two before my trip to Mexico but never got around to blogging about them! First this green and black one piece that is SUPER flattering on and second this navy/white top and bottom. Totally different than my others but I love it!
FOUR / 11.22.63
Okay, I'm hooked. I originally signed up for Hulu when I wanted to binge watch old seasons of The Challenge. I was just about to cancel my subscription until I heard a ton of friends talk about 11.22.63. I decided to give it a try after finding out J.J. Abrams and Stephen King were behind it (I was a little weary about James Franco starring in it). 
It's based off the book and is about trying to figure out who shot JFK and make sure whoever it was is stopped. It's a historical thriller in ways but it's definitely worth a test run!
FIVE / Instagram Update
Thanks for all the kind words/comments/emails/tweets about my Instagram blog post! I really love writing long form blog posts (if only I felt that way in college) so I'm glad you guys like to read them. It means a lot to me! 

Weekend Plans: Shooting some blog photos, cleaning my apartment (much needed) and hopefully filming some videos! I've been so bad (sorry!) about getting YouTube videos up recently. With the season starting and life kind of taking over, it's been so hard. But I have plans to get back on track!

Favorite Blogs: Loving this look from my friend Emily! She's always looking amazing!! The real question is do I need that bag?!
Recent Purchases: I haven't been shopping as much as I've been holding in my cart until Exuma but I thought I could share a few of those items! THIS white eyelet top (only $65!), THESE turquoise earrings, THIS cross body (begging for a tropical vacation) and THIS floaty!
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