Friday Five November 13

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This week: whirlwind. It went by so quickly and I'm already feeling so unprepared for tomorrow. But also really excited. It's going to be a big day and I can't wait to share it with you all!

ONE / Lion King
Last night Disney invited me and other bloggers to a showing of The Lion King and OMG was it amazing! I don't totally consider myself a Broadway show type of person but I actually think this changed me. I teared up like 20 different times just because it was so beautiful.
They've been putting on the show now for 18 years (today) and last night was their 7,500th show. SO crazy, right? Well I now want everyone I've ever known to experience it. Keep following along on the blog. There will be a full recap soon with a chance to win two tickets to the show!
TWO / BaubleBar 30% off Sale
GUYS! There is a huge 30% off sale at BaubleBar on all personalized jewelry and this is the best best best time to stock up on thing for the holidays. Usually their personalized pieces are excluded from all sales but not this time! Every girl needs a monogram necklace in their life.
For reference, I wear a 16" mini 14k gold monogram necklace (and have for three years). Still going strong!
THREE / Drink You Away
Gah this video has been playing nonstop in the Robertson household. Love JT and love (old school) country music. So basically this song is heaven online. Listen to it and try to tell me you don't love it... because you will. 
FOUR / Feather Holiday Top
Seriously how cute is this top? I just ordered (it's 25% off right now) and I'm so excited to shoot it for the holidays in the city. I've been drooling over this Tibi feather tank but it's $400+ and I thought that was dumb. So I found this and now I'm happy :)
FIVE / Newsletter 
Will you ever get tired of me talking about it? (Answer: No) Buttttt now is a better time than ever to sign up because those who are signed up on Sunday will get the first look at a huge project I've been working on! That and it shows you love me ;)

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