Travel Tuesday: Carry On Luggage

This might be the first Travel Tuesday of the year that I'm not recapping a trip! Whew, it's been a crazy few months, can you believe it's already March? It's so amazing how quickly time flies. Anyyywayyysss, today's Travel Tuesday is all about the carry on.

My go-to right now is my LV pegase which I love, but I travel so much that I'm really finding the need for something more functional. I love the four wheels on my big suitcase and I think having them on a carry on would be awesome. I'm also really digging the hard shell luggage trend. I feel like you're able to fit a lot more into the suitcase and since they're so new, the room for organization is there.

I mean if I had all the money in the world, I'd get the LV zephyr 55, which would have everything I mentioned above BUT $3K is way too much to spend on luggage. So I found some other really intriguing options that have met my criteria and are also pretty darn cute. I love the styling on the outside, don't you agree? Which one is your favorite? 
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