NYC Snow Day

NYC Snow Day, NYC Rooftop, NYC Winter

If my weekends are spent well, they provide the blog with five days of content. Weekends in NYC are hit or miss because of plans with friends, vacations and weather. Sunday I had this big plan of filming a few videos, taking outfit photos and playing catchup on emails but instead I spent it eating, watching HOC and playing in the snow. What are you going to do about it...

Sunday was supposed to be sunny and "warm" but it ended up snowing. I had yet been able to really enjoy the snow this winter so I decided to do something about it. I called up my friend Kayci and invited her over to my roof to build a snowman with some freshly falling snow. And so we did.

We had a blast and spent most of the time laughing, taking pictures and playing like children. Snow days as adults are much more fun!

Here we started to build our snowman. Which if you don't know, is really hard to do with soft snow. It looked more like a little mountain and was pretty difficult to pack.

So after a good effort, we went off to make some snow angels: 

And throw snow around pretending to be LeBron James. 

(not so much LeBron below)

We moved over to have the Empire State Building in the background but the wind wasn't in our favor so this: 

Turned into this:

We layed out and did other "warm weather" things:

I also wanted to kick around some snow and ended up doing a much larger kick than planned...

Which lead to this:

And this:

I still laugh every time I see that photo. 

We were decked out in our bean boots (hers & mine):
LL Bean Boots

Back to our snowman, we shaved off some layers of our mountain and alas, Marshmellow was born! He likes long walks on the beach, mirrored sunglasses, and girls who understand the importance of a soft touch. 

I was wearing: The North Face jacket (which I've had since high school) / The North Face vest / LL Bean boots / LL Bean tech gloves: I bought these in Maine because I needed a good pair of gloves AND every finger on the glove is tech touchable. How cool is that?!

It was the best way to spend a Sunday BUTTT I wouldn't mind for winter to be over!


  1. Cute pictures!

    Nikki Ann Blog


  2. This looks like such a fun weekend! Sometimes you just have to release your inner child haha. Might aswell enjoy the snow while we all wait impatiently (at least in my case) for the arrival of spring :)

  3. bahahahha seriously laughing out loud at that series of kicking pictures! pure gold you've got right there!

    xo mk

  4. These pictures are so cute!! Looks like a very fun snow day!

  5. What a fun Sunday! I love your snowman.

    Her Heartland Soul

  6. Ah! This looks like so much fun, but then again this is coming from someone who hasn't ever really seen snow in her life....and in Louisiana, (or Florida...or California), we don't really have real winters!

  7. Haha this post was hilarious! It looks like you had a fun day. And that's awesome that your gloves have the tech touch on every finger. That's hard to find!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  8. Hahaha I wish I had this much fun in the snow. I tend to not leave my apartment when it snows.


    Savvy City Chic

  9. Looks like you had a ton of fun! That is one thing I do miss about the snow- being able to have fun in it! Though I don't miss the cold - lol.

  10. Looks like you had a fun Sunday! Playing in the snow is fun but I am also ready for warmer weather!

    Sarah Jessica
    The Laws of Beauty


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