Stuart Weitzman Lowland Loden Boots

Stuart Weitzman Lowland Loden Boots
Chambray Shirt Dress (similar) / Grey Wool Coat (similar) / Gold Belt / Lowland Boots (also here/ black version here)

Can you tell I’m pretending it’s not winter? I so badly want to just wear dresses without wearing tights! I thought I could kind of get away with this look now because where the dress ends, the shoes begin. Remember this post when I was debating the SW Lowland boots? Well I found a pair on super-sale and I just couldn’t pass them up! I’m actually pretty happy that I pulled the trigger because I wear them all the time. I also love this color (Loden) because I don’t see it on a ton of people. Idk, what do you guys think?

Oh -- also -- there's this blooper/diva pose that I thought would be fun to share! Enjoy :)


  1. I'm so over wearing leggings and tights. I decided not to the other day and my legs froze.

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. New reader to your blog. Love the color of the SW boots- nice departure from black or brown.

  3. I am a huge fan of the over coat! I really need to look into investing in one. I naturally run warm, and never really need a jacket, so much so that I haven't owned one for three years now.

  4. I feel your pain. Whenever I'm taking outfit pictures in the winter it is a constant struggle not to look seconds away from hypothermia!

    Progression By Design


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