Living Room Design: Green Velvet Couch

Living Room Decor, Green Velvet Couch

I don't know why, but recently I've been on this interior design kick. Normally when this happens (about once a year when I get stir crazy) I just redecorate my apartment. Since I live in a shoebox in New York, the option for moving things around is very minimal (you can check out what my place looks like here). I'm in a gridlock of furniture and walls so my stir crazy side of things will just have to get creative.

That's where this blog post comes in. I spent all last Saturday drawing inspiration for a new living room and then finding the pieces I wanted to include! I was totally inspired by this green velvet couch and the idea of mixing textures. This also has me itching to move! One day (when I leave the city) I'll be able to have a real living room and it will hopefully look like this.

Next room I do will be the bedroom and I know I'm starting with and designing around this
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