Vineyard Vines Waterfall Tassel Cardigan

Vineyard Vines Waterfall Tassel Cardigan

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you enjoyed a full day of college basketball yesterday and that your brackets aren't as busted as mine was in the first two hours of the tournament (damn you UAB). I will admit that other than Iowa State and Baylor, my bracket did pretty well so I can't be all that upset. Who does everyone have in their Final Four??

As you probably saw on Instagram, I'm obsessed with this cardigan! It's from the lovely people at Vineyard Vines and let me tell you that it is just soo soft (that's what you get when you mix cashmere and merino)! Like I've said before I'm on this neutrals kick and this cardigan fits in perfectly with my style right now. Not to mention it. has. tassels. Wuuutt. In love!

I've worn it four times since I got it last week and today will be my fifth. Yes, I'm wearing it again. I'm traveling to Phoenix today to spend the weekend with the fam bam for my mom's birthday. I'm guessing this will be the perfect travel look.

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