Pia Pauro Embroidered Tunic Dress

Pia Pauro Embroidered Tunic Dress
Pia Pauro Embroidered Tunic Dress, Covering the Bases

Looking back at these photos… man oh man how I wish I were somewhere warm! It's fah-reezing in New York and I think winter is finally 'here.' #ugh

These pics were snapped on our balcony at our resort in Grand Cayman. What was great about all of the rooms was the fact that they faced the water! I mean seriously... how smart is that? I couldn't take a good picture to save my life because of the dag-gone wind (more on that later). So we snuck up there, snapped some pictures and headed to the beach. 

I really love this dress! Off the shoulder anything really speaks to my style and my heart (especially when my heart is warm on a island…). I recently found this brand, Pia Pauro, when I was shopping for the trip and everything she makes is truly amazing! The simplicity and style of her clothing is awesome.  Wont be the last time you see me in her clothes.

I also was sporting my new Tory Burch sandals. What do you guys think? I've wanted Millers for a long time and when I went to buy them, I found these Moore sandals and had a change of heart. I love them because they don't look like a lot of sandals out there. Annnnddd I'm a sucker for the T logo. They come in a few other colors as well.


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