VAVA by Joy Han Colleen Off The Shoulder Dress

Remember allll the way back (to yesterday) when I said I had a thing for off-the-shoulder dresses? Welp, I'm back with another one (can I get a woot-woot?) but this time the dress is half the cost! I l-o-v-e VAVA by Joy Han dresses. Back when I was in school I bought this really cute yellow off the shoulder dress and I remember at the time thinking it was some random boutique designer. Little did I know that this is a major brand and their style of clothing is impeccable! 

Other than their style, the best part about the line is the price. I've never seen anything listed for over $100 (usually hang around the $70-$80 price point). And they're the perfect vacation dresses! I love the simplicity, the comfort and the style of sleeve on this dress. It was perfect for our trip and I know I'l be bringing it back a lot more in the warmer weather!

Aside from the dress, can we take a minute to recognize the elephant in the room? #MyHair. I don't know that I've ever worn my hair up like this on the blog before! But when you have wind blown, sandy, saltwater hair this is what happens. It was so sticky and gross from the water I had no choice but to throw it up and get it out of my face. But this was what I looked like on vacation 90% of our trip #yolo.

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