Maaji Longchamp Legacy Maxi Dress

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Maaji Longchamp Legacy Maxi Dress

Hellllloooo and welcome back to CTB year 2015! Thanks for letting me take a mini vacation from regularly scheduled blog posts in the New Year. I have a lot of really exciting stuff planned for 2015 and I can't wait to get started (muscle flexing emoji). 

Today's look is the first one I'm sharing from my trip to Grand Cayman. I wore this dress for New Year's Eve dinner. I thought it was the perfect little number for a holiday on the beach (read: no sequins allowed). The material was ah-mazing and the dress is (I think) actually classified as a cover-up. 

Either way, it was perfect for the occasion and would have been so memorable for the New Year if I had stayed up long enough. We got into GC that morning (after a 6am flight leaving NYC) so by the time 10pm rolled around my tummy was full, my eyelids were heavy and I was ready for bed. 

I ordered a M in this dress and it fit perfectly everywhere except for the chest (read: a D cup trying to fit into a B cup). When I ordered it, I wanted to wear it strapless (like it's pictured here), but after trying it on, I came to the realization that it was not going to happen. The straps on this dress are similar to the ones you find one most bikini tops. They hook and unhook in the front and back. 

While I didn't love the idea of wearing it normal -- because hey, I'm not normal -- I did like it tied behind my neck. Is it made to be that way? Probably not but I like to think it can be just no one thought of it. 


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