Go-ahead run:
The run which puts a team which was behind or tied into the lead. Used particularly with runners on base.

 Hi friends! Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend-- I know I did. New York is on a (relative) heat wave. Minus the yucky fog and rain yesterday, it's been in the high 40's. Who would have ever of thought I would consider that a heat wave. Anyway...

When I originally bought this shirt, I really thought it was black and gold. Little did I know it was navy and gold (even better). From there I thought of course it would go best with my white skirt. I'm starting to get the feeling that this white skirt is the winter (go figure) equivalent of white pants. These pictures were obviously taken before the frigid weather came into town. Honestly, I'm writing this while watching the Golden Globes and it's taken me two hours to write the above (which I'm sure is just me rambling). So... yea... Here are the pictures :)


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