Strike em out/throw em out:
A double play in which a batter strikes out and the catcher then immediately throws out a baserunner trying to steal.

As most of you know, I love my Duck boots from LL Bean. I think they're great with a lot of things, not just for snowy days and jeans. I like to think out side the box and pair these with a casual dress, or a fun skirt. Which today, is what I'm doing. Most of this look is from J. Crew Factory-- the skirt, shirt and belt. I mean, who doesn't love a good deal? I wanted to pair this perfect plaid shirt with something fun, so I threw on a cheetah print belt and now we're here. I think it goes well considering the skirt is just a simple grey. I really didn't think it all the way through with the similar colored jacket, so that came off sooner than later.

But I do love this jacket. I bought it overseas in London at the Burberry store, and I found (even with the currency exchange rate) that it was cheaper than it was here! I considered that to be a sale that I just couldn't pass up. And like normal, I decided to get it monogrammed. I got that done when I was home over a year ago. There is an embroidery shop in the mall that customizes different items. Aka they monogram things! It was a really good deal too-- only like $10. So if you're ever in the Vernon Hills mall, stop on by!

how to wear duck boots

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