Check the Runner:
When the pitcher looks in the direction of a runner on base and thereby causes him to not take as large of a lead as he would otherwise have taken.

 Although I really hate the lighting in this photo, (it was an awkward overcast but kinda sunny but REALLY cold day out) I really like the outfit. So here we go... My favorite color is blue, as well all know. I really just love all shades of blue. UK (royal/colbat) blue being my number one, and navy being my number two. I love the look of navy and how well it goes with so many other colors. It's just so classic! So I threw on as much navy as possible and layered up to brace the cold. 

I threw on my favorite navy gingham button up from J. Crew and a staple navy cable knit from Old Navy. I love the look of the shirt coming out from the sweater. The combo is a great one! I also added a great long navy coat from H&M (a steal for $10 from the clearance rack). I pulled up the sweater some and rolled it under itself so you could see more of the gingham shirt. It made a rather awkward pouch, but I think it wasn't bad enough to unroll considering the whole point was to see more of the shirt under it.

I also wore these brown booties that I'm obsessed with. I've been looking for a good winter boot that can be dressed up as well as casual (aka I need a heel). And these met my criteria! I really wanted a brown pair that were suede and wedge, which is surprisingly harder to find than you would think. I love that I can wear these to work then straight out for drinks without my feet hurting! That's what wedges are for, right? To give the look of longer and better legs like heels do, without the discomfort and giraffe-like walking all day!

Navy Winter outfit

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