Home Game:
A game played at the home stadium or ballpark of a baseball club.

 I was recently creeping on my friend Katie's blog (Pearls and Twirls) and I LOVE how she has taken advantage of shooting inside! The lazy part of me has always wanted to, but never knew it was possible. Most of the time when I shoot indoors it comes out a weird color. I realized the trick is a whole lot of natural light and the right camera setting. And of course a great photographer, shout out to my mom!

This was taken over Thanksgiving break and my home in Chicago. Our front room has a ton of light and some amazing colors (see below). It was a great place to shoot some photos. Plus it didn't hurt that it was rather cold outside. It's a lot of work finding a place to shoot, getting ready, and going outside and taking photos. That am I'm not good at pretending I'm warm when I'm actually freezing. I don't know how other bloggers do it. I mean most of the time my face is all sorts of off and my hands are clenched and you can just tell I'm miserable. But for these photos I was able to have a lot more fun and sit down while doing so! I mean this was really a lazy girls dream. ALL about it.

How to use Natural Lighting Indoors

Below is my kitty Sabrina. She was my first pet and I love her! Always sad she was too old to ever travel with me when I left for college, but it's nice that she watches over my parents while the kids are out of the house. She has this thing with smelling people's breath... I think that's how she knows who everyone is. Either way, it's always funny to me. She decided to stop by while we were shooting some photos and I couldn't help but share this one!

How to use Natural Lighting Indoors

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