Late innings:
The seventh, eighth and ninth innings of a regulation nine-inning game.

This J. Crew plaid skirt is one of my favorite skirts to wear. Just because it's plaid, doesn't mean it's strictly for winter time. I like to find different ways to make clothes more versatile, this skirt being one of them. So to go along with some spring trends, I decided to mix up the plaid print with some stripes. Although my mom doesn't like it, I think it works. I know it's not for everyone, but when you're feeling a little adventurous with your outfit, this is the way to go. When mixing prints, you need to make sure they're not over taking. Like huge polka dots and buffalo plaid. You want more laid back and simple prints. That's at least how I go about it. I also added this red necklace to the mix so it would help bring out some of the red in the skirt. Hopefully to tie it a little more together.

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