A quick throw from the pitcher (or sometimes the catcher) to a fielder covering a base when the ball has not been hit into play. Normally done to catch a runner off-base, it may also keep the runner's lead in check.

Navy and white is one of my favorite combos out there, but when it involves white pants, it becomes 10x better. I really have a special place in my heart for my white pants, after labor day or not. With the addition of a pair of my favorite shoes, a gingham shirt, and an over sized necklace, I can do no wrong. I'm a southern girl at heart, so I would wear something like this to work and then transition it right into the night time. I actually did wear this outfit out with co-workers. I did laugh at myself when I saw about 3 different guys at the bar wearing the same (guys) version of this shirt. It's just my style and so be it if a guy wears the same thing. We all just know in the back of their minds who wore it better ;)

Full disclosure: I don't know how to fix the white balance on my camera... My pants are not this white in real life (though I wish they were).

covering the bases, White After Labor Day, Fashion
Top: J. Crew/Pants: Rock & Republic/Shoes: Dolce Vita/Necklace: J. Crew

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  1. I so wish I had a navy gingham shirt like this one...it looks so great paired with the white pants! perfectly accessorized too :)

    Jenna Brianne
    Freckled Fashionista

  2. Hi Krista! I just found your blog and I just have to tell you, you have the cutest blog! Looking forward to following along!

    XO Hannah

    1. Thank you so much Hannah!! I'm glad to have you as a new follower :)


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