On deck:
When a player is next to bat, he is on deck in the batters circle getting loose. 

When I'm running around the city and don't necessarily feel like getting all dressed up, this is my first choice for an outfit. Just simple capri pants, a comfortable white tee and my favorite converse sneakers. If there is one thing I've learned from being in the city, it's that your shoes better be very very comfortable! I mean, you walk everywhere! I thought most of my shoes were comfortable for the most part, but very few make the comfortable mark after 10 or so blocks. I mean, ouch! That's why I've made a solid investment and bought these sneakers. I feel like white converse's are a big part of summer and fall this year. The clean all white look really gets to me. And I was the last one I thought to ever wear converse, but these have made me think again. 

Of course, when I want to dress up the outfit some, I'll put on a statement necklace. I wore this outfit to work (necklace and all) not too long ago and I thought it tied baseball and fashion together pretty well!

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top: BlueTique/ jeans: 7FAM (old)/ shoes: Converse/ bag: Folli Follie c/o
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