Extra innings:
Going beyond the 9 innings game to settle a tie.

This is by far my favorite outfit post I've done to date so sorry in advance for all of the photos. (Big shout to Megan for taking them!!) I've been on the search for the perfect tulle skirt ever since Carrie wore it in the opening credits in Sex and The City. So to say it's been a long time might be a slight understatement. Thankfully I found the perfect one from Space 46! I randomly found them through instagram and instantly bought it. Even better? It was at my door two days later. SUPER fast shipping! I then put on a bright pair of shoes, a fun necklace, and took to the roof! (I have a super cool view) Hope you enjoy:

Skirt: Space 46/Shirt: Express (old)/Necklace: J. Crew (sale)/Shoes: Dolce Vita

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 (Probably my favorite one)
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Ballerina Inspired Look, Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Look, Sex and the City inspired outfit

I look like a little kid in this one...


  1. That dress and necklace is absolutely fabulous! I will have to look up Space 46 on Instagram. I'm always looking for a new-to-me store or boutique for fun items like this one!

  2. Don't fall off!! You and I are both on the same page with the tulle! Love it! xo

  3. Wow,amazing photos. You look great!!!

  4. tulle skirts are the best! i splurged on one last year. favorite thing in my closet!

  5. tulle!!! so cute.
    i love how you did the all white with just the pop of green, it definitely made the whole look just a touch more interesting (even though it was already plenty interesting) :)
    great photos, as always.


  6. Okay so random question! I'm about to order myself one of these space 46 boutique skirts.. and I took my measurements but they don't seem to match up to the ones listed on their website. How did you decide on what size to order? Idk if I'm doing my measurements wrong or what.. but I can't figure out what to order! AND, they don't do returns. So I figured I would ask :)


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