3 Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + A Sneak Peek of Items Included

Anyone else getting ready for the biggest sale of the year?? It's just around the corner and I'm helping you get prepared today!


BP: Tiered Cotton Tank ($45!) / 7FAM: Denim Shorts / Chineese Laundry: Sammy Slides (also in a ton of colors) / BaubleBar: Red Ball Earrings / Celine: Red Nano Luggage / YSL: Retro Sunglasses

Okay... two new items I want to talk about real quick! First: this tank. It's so much more darling in person than it was online and you know I love any type of white top. It's a much more fun way to dress up a rather traditional outfit (this one or like under a blazer at work). But the bet part is it's under $50! So there is really no reason not to buy it...

And the second are these new shoes. I've been looking for comfortable nude slides for a while now and I found a pair I liked and then I found these which I LOVE. They are first and foremost so comfortable to walk around in all day. You can ask people at work because I was running all around last week in these bad boys! But aside from that, they make my legs look LONG which in turn makes them look slimmer. And that I am all for!

Now onto the sale....

What is it and why should I be excited? I think it's one of the biggest sales of the year! In the middle of July Nordstrom drops hundreds of new items (most of them for fall and winter) and they're all heavily discounted. So it makes for the perfect time to stock up on back to school clothes, items for the fall, presents... anything along those lines. 

When can I shop? Early access starts July 13th and public access is on the 21st! You're eligible for early access if you have a Nordstrom card (if you don't and want to sign up, you can do so HERE)

See What You Already Have/Figure Out What You Need: Before any major sale or shopping adventure, I kind to take stock of what I have and what I need. I always like to clean out the closet by trying things on and donating items that I no longer want or just don't fit. That way I can feel good about all the shopping and I'll have a better idea of what I want to buy.

As of right now I'll be on the hunt for more basic white blouses for everyday life, a couple new t-shirts (just plain to dress up or down), some cable knit sweaters, more cardigans and more dresses for work! Things I'll also be buying (that I don't *really* need) are any skirt that catches my eye and some AG jeans (see more below!)

Shop Early and Often: Early access is for cardholders and it's really worth it to sign up! A lot of hot ticket items sell out before public access and that can be really frustrating to miss out on such a great deal! Some of my favorite items from last years sale that I still wear today were gone within the first two days of the sale!!

You also want to check back daily because Nordstrom constantly adds new items over night (and restocks others as well if they are returned). I always find some hidden gems doing this -- it's my own personal strategy!

Free shipping + returns: My favorite part about shopping at Nordstrom (during this sale and the rest of the year) is that they offer free shipping and free returns. Seeing as there isn't a Nordstrom in the city, this is a HUGE perk for me. I kind of just buy a lot of things, try them on at home and send back what I don't want.

What will be on sale? I got a little sneak peek into the sale and there are SO many great items. Sharing what I can remember and things I know to look out for:

Clothing: I obviously can't link anything since nothing is live yet but there are a ton of coats -- like all the coats you would ever need. I know you don't want to buy a coat in the middle of July but you'll regret not doing it come fall and winter! Some specific things I did note: there is a TON from Beyond Yoga and Adidas -- so if you're thinking of buying anything just wait a few more days!
What I'm most excited for are the TWO pairs of AG jeans in the sale. One is a different version of my favorite pair and the other looked identical to this pair. AG jeans are the very best jeans I've ever owned and they never go on sale so be sure to scoop them up when you have the chance!

Intimates: Saw a TON of Hanky Panky but what I'm most excited for are my favorite bras from Natori! They have my go-to t-shirt bra AND the hidden glamor bra both as part of the sale!! You can 
read about the reviews HERE.  

Beauty: This is where I got the best look and can actually link some products (or similar ones!)


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