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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Guys! The Norstrom Anniversary Sale is HERE! I'm a crazy person and woke up in the middle of the night to shop without worry haha but I also was able to create a really fun round up of my top picks, my favorite items and share them all with you guys below! So be sure to check it out and let me know what your favorite thing was!


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JACKETS: My favorite thing to shop every Nordstrom sale is outerwear. Its the perfect time to stock up on stuff and get those amazing deals before the rush (and prices) of buying for winter comes! I also thought this years selection was amazing! I bought this Ralph Lauren coat because I've been dying for a good camel color long coat and no one does it better than RL!

I also saw some near identical jackets that I've worn in years past that have been a really big hit on the blog. Specifically this leather jacket that looks like it could be twins to mine! People are always on the hunt for a nice colored leather jacket that doesn't have a crazy neckline, this is for you! I also found this drape front leather jacket that I know I love and a lot of other people to too -- it's worth a check out!

I also bought this red rain coat because I LOVE my red coat so so much I thought I'd have to love a rain coat version of it too, right? Plus the fit and flare is never something I say no to!

And then we have my favorite items in the sale: BARBOUR!! Barbour does NOT go on sale and therefore always sells out immediately in this sale (I learned the hard way last year). Not only do they have Barbour but they have classic, perfect coat, everyone needs to own Barbour! I LOVE this olive jacket with the classic lining and this navy one is perfect for fall. Seriously perfect. 

What to buy at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
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VESTS: Remember this look from last October? This vest was SO popular and a big fan favorite on the blog but was sold out within the day of posting. WELL there are two almost IDENTICAL vests on sale this year (!!!) and they're both around $75 so get them while you can! The first one is from Ralph Lauren and looks basically just like the one above and then the other one (HERE) is from Gallery and also comes in a navy color!

And while we're on vests, this Patagonia one is also SUPER cute but the only thing holding me back is the hood. Should I get it anyway?

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DRESSES: You guys know how much I love dresses so with a heavy heart I say the dress selection in the sale was pretty meh. SUCH a bummer because there is nothing I love more than a dress that can be worn in the fall and winter. I found a couple that tickle my fancy like this grey belted dress (SO cute) and this v-neck navy one.
Also picked up the long sleeve navy dress because I love Eliza J dresses and navy so one would assume I would like this dress and I also snagged this white one because I'm interested to see how it will fit and wear with other items! And for $30, can you really say no?
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TOPS + SWEATERS: In the fall and winter month, I find have a couple of good go to sweaters (light or heavy) are so key! And I'm a sucker when it comes to light weight, simple, but classic sweaters like THIS ONE from Halogen. I actually ended up buying it in two colors (the light blue and the camel). 
For the other sweaters featured here, THIS turtleneck was my favorite of the bunch. A good turtleneck can go a really long way in the winter! The Patagonia Pullover is one of my favorites from the sale too. These NEVER go on sale and this one (that comes in 5 colors) is under $90! That is a steal!
I did end up buying this Barbour sweater because... duh. It's Barbour, it's under $100 and you know I love the cable knit look -- it's going to look SO good with a crisp white blouse underneath it!
As for the blouses above, I had a serious moment with the white bow blouse. Not that I need any more white blouses but I mean, come on! This is to die for. It would look SO good under dresses or sweaters (with the bow out of course) but it's also perfect to stand alone because it's such a statement piece. Should I get it??
This top you know I had to include because it's blue, it's peplum and it has a bow. It seems like a great top for work and play and something really cute to wear with jeans or a skirt! I'm just happy some blue this color was in a fall look! And at $65, can you really say no?
And last but not least, this simple blouse (that's only $45!) that comes in a variety of colors. The sleeves are what got my attention, the price helped me stay around and the green color made me add it to the basket. 

SKIRTS: I sadly didn't see a lot of skirts in this sale which I think is a total miss. Skirts with over the knee boots are some of my favorite looks for fall and summer! Thankfully I did find this years version of my skirt above (HERE) and this really cute corduroy skirt that's only $33!!

JEANS: I really only wear one brand of jeans and that's AG. I think they are the best maker of jeans out there and are the only ones that meet my super pick requirements. They had three really great pairs in the sale this year (two of which I already own & love). The black distressed pair above, an appropriate black pair for work and a distressed blue denim.
One / Two / Three
Four / Five / Six / Seven

ACCESSORIES: All of these three bags above, I thought, were great dupes for really popular purses out there. They literally all look like a version of Chole bags and I'm really into the one in the middle!
Had to include at least one watch and one pair of sunglasses even though I need neither. But this Movado watch is half off and you really can't pass over an investment piece like that! And while I absolutely in no way need another pair of sunglasses, I put this pink pair in my cart. I have a problem, okay guys? Too much is never enough!
I also snagged this hat because I realize I don't have a ton of fall/winter hats. I have a lot of hats but like only one that is felt and I totally think I need this one! Its an amazing color and I love the accent wrapping around it. As for the other, it is in my cart and I need help deciding if I should get it. I'm always weary about floppy hats like this. But like for $20.... why not, right?
Sunglasses: HERE / HERE / HERE
Ummm they put really popular Dior sunglasses in this sale?? SIGN ME UP! They're still expensive but $350 for sunglasses that are usually over $500 is a steal in my book!
First Row: One / Two
Over the Knee: Three / Four / Five / Six
Second Row: One / Two / Three / Four

SHOES: What would Norstrom be without a killer shoe selection? If I learned anything about trends from this years sale items it's that over the knee boots are BACK and are here to stay. Best part is the fact that they're now at all different price points so no matter your budget, you can hop on the trend! This high heeled pair is under $100, this red pair look EXACTLY like the Stuart Weitzman and are just over $100 (and this pair is coming in at $110) and then you have your actual SW boots for half off here.
For boots that aren't over the knee, we have our classic Hunters and Tory Burch riding boots. The Tory Burch pair are always a really big hit every year in the sale and they ALWAYS sell out first. So if you want them, get them now!
I have too many boots to count so this year I really focused on getting some cute booties! I'm going to try out this navy pair (I NEED a navy pair of booties) and these camel open toe ones. They're both so cute!!
So that's it! Whew! This was a LONG post but I hope it is somewhat helpful for you guys. I love pulling items like this from a big sale because it can be totally overwhelming with ALL of the things in the sale. 
And while there wasn't a real place for it, my favorite bras (like the ONLY ones I wear) are on sale too! Bras are dumbly expensive and really hard to shop for unless you know they're good. I have a larger chest (34DD) and I only wear unpadded, full support and full coverage bras. Which you would think wouldn't be that hard to find. Wrong. I literally had a lady helping me look for bras tell me that we have to basically look in the old lady section to find something #rude.
ANYWAY these bras I swear by (like I threw out my other bras swear by) and I have two different pairs -- the t-shirt bra (which is my favorite). It has lace straps so it can actually look really cute with a loser top that you would wear a bralet with -- and the countour bra. Both are seriously really great if you're in the market for a new bra!
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