My SPF Makeup

Maybe one day I'll stop talking about it? But today is not that day. I need to sing it from the rooftops: SPF makeup. Stay protected from the sun while rocking a full face of makeup. It's that easy! And all thanks to TikTok.

Foundation -- > Tinted SPF: I haven't been needing a lot of full coverage foundation lately so I've recently switched my normal SPF moisturizer with a tinted version from Elta MD (which I love). I have pretty fair/light skin so sometimes a "one color fits all" route doesn't work for me. And this one is right on the cusp of being too dark. It definitely helps when I spread it down my neck and chest so you don't know where it begins or ends. I wish they made different colors but thankfully it's pretty sheer overall so it's easy to get away with after I apply the rest of my makeup. 

Bronzer -- > SPF Tinted Balm: They have these SPF balms (idk really what to call them, sticks?) that you can buy individually or in a set of three (which is what I did) and one of the colors is a really pretty (subtle) shimmer bronzer. I apply where I normally do when doing my makeup and usually blend it out with my brush but you can also use your fingers. It takes a little bit longer to warm up on your face but once it does, it blends nicely.

Blush -- > SPF Tinted Balm: The set of three comes with a blush and a berry color -- either of which can be used as blush. The blush color is more nude pink where the berry is a darker magenta pink. Both apply and blend like the bronzer above. 

Concealer -- > SPF Tinted Eye Cream: This is the most expensive of the bunch, which is annoying, but I love the idea of SPF around your eyes (which are super sensitive and thin). I loathe the applicator on the concealer and sometimes it doesn't pump fully but when it does, I apply it to my eyes and then on the high points of my face to lighten things up. I feel that if it's safe to put on my eyes, it's safe to put everywhere else. The coverage is pretty light/sheer but it works well for me. I also doesn't burn or sting your eyes -- it's totally eye safe. I bought the color fair. 

Lipstick -- > SPF Tinted Balm: I repurpose the balms for my blush on my lips almost like a chapstick. Both colors look really nice and overall, I really like them. Over time they can be a bit drying but the color stays well. 

Lipgloss -- > SPF Gloss: This is probably my least favorite of the bunch and tastes bad! So I would skip honestly -- the application, the taste, and the color pay off is meh. 

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