My Signet Ring

I am SO excited to share today's post with you guys. It's my new signet ring!!! This is my first official bespoke piece and something that I've been dreaming up for many years. 

The story starts a few years ago when I was admiring a friend's signet ring. I fell in love with the timeless design and masculine feel to the ring. I loved how classic it was, and how there were so many design options that no two signet rings are the same. So I tucked it away on my mental wishlist and asked for it from anyone I knew for the next few years.

And if you're an avid fan, you know that Andrew actually bought me one back in 2017 for Christmas (seen in this ring post!), but like mentioned, it broke me out due to my metal allergy. I was only able to wear it on certain occasions and not for long periods of time. Eventually, it got moved to the back of my jewelry case. 

So when Christina, of CMS Custom, reached out at the beginning of this year wanting to work together on a bespoke piece, I was giddy because I knew this was it. Christina is a private jeweler in Westchester, NY, and turned her hobby and adoration for fine jewelry into a business with the guidance of her mother-in-law, who was an expert in the industry. We were virtually introduced through some mutual friends, and it couldn't have been a better fit.

Christina (if you'll allow me to brag on her for a bit) is amazing. She is so incredibly talented and SO on top of her game -- even when I was not. She is there to help and support you every step of the way without being pushy or getting in the way of your vision. She is extremely knowledgeable about her craft and can make anything you dream of come to life. I can't say enough good things about her.

I first floated the idea of a signet ring to her, telling her that it's been a dream of mine for many years but I could never find "the one." She was all for it. We started by collecting some inspiration photos and talking them over. My first big choice was whether I wanted a family crest or a monogram. I loved the idea of having a Robertson family crest to symbolize my life and family pre-marriage. She even suggested adding little birthstone gems to the banner to represent Andrew and me coming together. 

We went through a design process and on to a CAD, which is a 3D computer rendering, with the next step being a physical mold of the ring. About halfway through I realized I actually wanted to change things (!!) and decided to go with a traditional monogram instead. I still liked the idea of tying it back to marriage and we played around and looked at a design with our wedding monogram (the K and A), but ultimately landed on the traditional three-letter monogram with my new married initials.

Even with my first signet ring, I knew I loved the block lettering (instead of script) and wanted to do the same this time. Still, I wanted to find a way to make it a little different; something that made it truly unique. Christina actually sent over an image where the letters were raised and I fell in love with the design.

This is where Christina shines. She is able to take your vision but use her knowledge and design skills to make something truly unique and special for you. Once she sent it over, I knew it was the one! I loved that the lettering stood out, that it was unique while still feeling traditional. It was classy without being too showy. It was perfect.

After we approved the CAD design (for real this time!!) she worked to make the mold and sent over images and videos of it to approve one last time before we sent it to be made. What was awesome about the process again was that it was all virtual. I was able to be there for every step of the process without having to leave the comfort of my home (how cool is that?!). She doesn't have a brick-and-mortar store so her overhead is low and that means more competitive pricing, flexibility with design creation, and availability to work with anyone no matter where you live!

The timeline went like this: I approved the CAD on February 13, the mold on February 17, and on March 10 the ring was done and Christina sent me a video of the final product. I received it on March 14 and haven't taken it off since!! Andrew knew I was creating a ring with Christina but didn't know what the final product was going to look like, and he was in awe of how great it turned out to be. He is impressed by very few things, but this one really took the cake!

I wear it every day and sized it to be a size in between both pinkies so I can switch it as needed (sometimes I swell)! I'm so happy whenever I wear it. Waiting however many years for something this special really makes the process so worth it and enjoyable. As I've gotten older, I realize the importance of better, quality items like jewelry and how if you get something done right, it will last you forever. I plan to pass down all of my jewelry to our future children and share the special stories behind each piece.

If I haven't made it totally obvious, Christina is amazing. If you're looking to create a custom piece, she is your girl! You can reach out to her via email or DM. I've already started thinking of other custom jewelry pieces I want to create and all the special moments in my life that can be celebrated, remembered, and gifted with the help of a private jeweler like Christina.

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